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by:Shizhan     2020-08-29
Beijing aluminum alloy scaffolding contact phone number: 18420150310 ( A) High-altitude anti-corrosion engineering, chimney brush color ring beacons, chimney write, decorate beautification, cooling tower anticorrosive, steel structure anticorrosion, furnace anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, pipeline corrosion, iron chimney anticorrosive paint, urea prilling tower, tower anticorrosive drainage, all kinds of tower anticorrosive, chimney anticorrosive ( Hoop, channels, gym, retainer, lightning rod) , detoxification tower anticorrosive, anti-corrosive, gantry crane anticorrosion, traffic, hotels, building walls to brush paint, coal shed coal pier anti-corrosion, crane anti-corrosion engineering, etc. ( 2) Repair engineering: high chimney and hoop reinforcement, the chimney of carbon fiber reinforced, remove heightening tower repair, chimney, chimney all skew correction, chimney replaced lining, chimney to extend or reduce the top opening, chimney wall soot dust removal, chimney crack repair, repair the chimney mouth, repair or replacement of lightning protection devices, chimney repair anti-corrosion, chimney cement paint, annular kiln lining repair, replace, and a chimney smoking force not advanced. ( 3) High altitude construction: new brick chimney ( Within 65 m) , concrete chimney sliding mode ( Within 240 m) Irrigation planning, chimney drawing, foundation, the contractor package material service, such as annular kiln and the water tower, granary, new cement tank construction and finishing, chimney, chimney and advanced engineering. ( 4) Device engineering: high chimney device lightning rod, beacon light, steel chimney, chimney device channels of ladder, safety, safety net, the chimney mouth ladder and all kinds of tower equipment, factory, workshop glass device. ( 5) High removal project: brick chimney removal, the removal of a chimney removal, cement concrete, concrete water tower to remove a chimney removal, cooling tower removal, ( In the artificial removal, directional removal, remove) , all kinds of tower removal, tower removal, iron removal, high removal of concrete system structure, and other difficult to remove engineering, etc. In recent years, the company used the 'no scaffold, not production construction, overhead suspension work' and other advanced technology. Wicked completed thousands of new chimney, removal, repair, corrosion protection, beautification project. In the construction of the above, all at a reasonable price, advanced mechanical equipment, sophisticated construction technology, safe and convenient high quality service, won the social from all walks of life and the general customers the high praise. The article comes from: Beijing aluminum alloy scaffolding
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