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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Construction unit project name disclosure content: 1, enter the construction site personnel must wear a good helmet, aerial work personnel must wear a seat belt, and should be fastened. 2, the doctor check that is not suitable for aerial work personnel, aerial work may be undertaken. 3, before work should check whether the tools used, tools such as wrench must use rope chain hang in the body, the nails must be placed within the tool bag, so as not to fall from. Thought to concentrate at work, to prevent slip and air nail feet. 4, more than 5 m of the installation and removal of the template, scaffolding, and fortified fence, prevent from top to bottom in the same vertical plane. 5, high altitude, the complex structure of the template installation and removal, due to security measures in advance. Above level 6, in the wind, should suspend outdoor aerial work, you should clean the construction site after the rain and snow, dry when you don't slip again. 7, ErRenTai template to cooperate with each other, work together. Templates, tools used the means of transport or rope fastened after lifting, littering is not allowed. Combined steel formwork, installation and they should meet. Steel formwork and accessories shall be installed with the shipping, it is strictly prohibited to throw down from a height, high altitude, dismantle specialist command. Mark the workspace, and below with a rope and red white fence, suspended personnel past. 8 and shall not be piled up a large number of templates to scaffolding assignment etc. 9, support, such as rod may not take on the door window frames and scaffolding. Channel in the middle of the diagonal brace, tie rod, etc should be in 1. More than 8 m tall. 10, support process, such as stopping, support, lap, stigma plate should be fastened. Intermittent, dismantle has activity template should be shipped, rod, such as support or stacked properly and prevent falling by step empty, and empty. 11, the template with the reserved hole, the hole cover will be after the security, the reserved hole of concrete slab, should be in the template is dismantled the mouth of the cover. 12, stripping, generally with a long stick, people are not allowed to stand on the template is removed, the stripping floor, attention should be paid to the whole template, attention should be paid to the whole template drop down, especially when made platform type form template, more attention should be paid to dismantle personnel must stand outside the door hole support, prevent template all fall down suddenly cuts. 13, wires on combination template and use of electric tools, 36 v low voltage power supply or take other effective safety measures. 14, packing and unpacking template, banning the use of 2 x 4 'wood, steel template for vertical plate. 15, the work high above the erection of scaffolding or work station, up, down to use a ladder, don't stand on the wall; No standing on the girder bottom-formwork walk. Hard operators are strictly prohibited to wear shoes and shoes. 16, when the template installation, homework personnel should stand in a safe place, prevent from top to bottom in the same vertical plane; Operators want to take the initiative to give way.
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