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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Button scaffolding aluminum alloy beam contact phone number: 18420150310 the industry is divided into two large, one is the scaffolding, 2 it is building a template. Scaffolding industry domestic enterprises more and miscellaneous, basic have some domestic technology abroad, materials products no technical content, everyone can do, on the quality of the good and bad are intermingled, in a state of disorder, poor quality, low price, malicious competition. Template, the original template technology, market share is very high, mainly for domestic construction technology and craft level, many domestic enterprises are using labor-intensive construction method of the primitive scaffolding template materials all artificial scattered scattered down, even rely on artificial transship. In a rapidly developing new template system, such as wu kuang gangmu combination of plywood templates, all steel template, is the rapid rise of aluminium alloy template, once had the good momentum of development and gradually depressed plywood formwork, steel box JiaoHaoSheng large concept is very stylish and practical use of plastic template. The new template, the major steel template can account for half, especially high-level super-tall building generally use big steel template, is suitable for the construction characteristics, construction workers in China, after all, its integral sex is good, strong and durable, not easy to damage, can withstand brutal construction, not afraid, not afraid, not afraid to burn. Is gangmu combination template, foreign technology, to use, light weight, good entirety, stiffness big, but a little expensive, wood, easily damaged, there is no solid steel, general enterprises are not willing to spend money on this, with a pile of wood and plywood. Aluminum alloy template, the domestic aluminum template now can be said to be the momentum fierce, aggressive, types of products on the tall, but actually this product is just the small steel mold made of aluminum, no technical content, it's expensive, also, too, was afraid of falling, afraid to touch, can't hit, hit a hole, as for concrete pouring effect, with a small steel are not much stronger, flat-fell seam is much, aluminum alloy is hard, hard necessarily seam is lax, unavoidably slurry everywhere, if this product can be developed, step is also the way of small steel, everyone to do, the last is homogeneous low malicious competition, there is no core technology products, is a kind of material, not competitive. Of course is also capital intensive products, this product without a certain financial strength is to do not rise, with this, a strong company can still has a considerable market share. Plywood formwork, steel box is also a foreign technology, there are national level promotion, but later dismissed, gradually depressed, because we that kind of box, the box is not Europe than others that the area is large and high bearing capacity, the effect of the box, the Chinese do not come out. And we made to the template price is high, the industry is still very primitive template, a bunch of workers with a small steel drill, plywood and wood square go up, it's so big, each piece with a tower crane crane, which come so much tower crane for you, and vibrating carelessly vibration to the plywood is a hole. Don't adapt to the national conditions, development. Plastic template, many domestic manufacturers have argued that how good their products, durable, what conforms to the era of green environmental protection concept, but in the end not a weatherability, plastic heat will become soft, due to brittle, which is the fatal flaw of plastic, the world is now the only way to achieve as weatherability plywood plastic template is GMT plastic material, but it has the ability to produce country has three four countries in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, although there are Chinese companies say that they can produce, but how quality is unknown, but it's expensive, in construction industry. Domestic industry as a whole scaffolding template technology is still in a very low level, most of them are not the core technology, no matter from the product quality, product architecture, product design concept, the backward production methods and so on all aspects, there is great gap with developed areas, of course, it conforms to China's national conditions, so everyone still have market, have business to do, have rice to eat. But how to occupy the market highs, cloth good victory for the future, or to rely on is the core technology products, technology content, high value-added products. The future can survive in the fierce competition of product must be the most technically impressive, experience the best company, rather than marketing, public relations, the first company. Throughout Europe advanced template system, although the structure is different, but the idea is the same, no matter what kind of material of the template, what kind of formwork system, its design concept is a systematic design, modular design, tooling design, a system of templates can work together with other system, can become formwork and scaffolding system of combination of the new system. Series modular advantages is to improve the design efficiency, you can use the software program design automatically, automatic generation of material list, automatic exchange of information and processing workshops, generate the production task list, and then arrange the automatic production line automatic production, greatly speed up the design, reduce the error rate. Such as Doka Tipos software, Peri Elpos software and so on all have this function. Button scaffolding aluminum alloy beam
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