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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Small metal plate which is fast contact phone number: 18420150310 gb50009 - 'Load code for the design of building structures' GB50017-2001 The steel structure design code GB50010-2003 'Concrete structure design code' GB50666-2010 2011 'code for concrete structure engineering construction JGJ162 - 2008 'building construction safety technical specification template' JGJ74 - 2003 'regulations of technology of big template construction JGJ 96 - 1995 ֿ steel box 'technical specification plywood formwork JGJ130 - 2011 'technical specification for construction fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety JGJ166 - 2008 'construction bowl scaffold safety technical specifications' JGJ231 - 2010 'construction socket type plate fastener type steel tube scaffold safety technical regulations on JGJ195 - 'Regulations of technology of hydraulic climbing formwork engineering' JGJ 2010-202 2010 'technical specification for construction tools scaffold safety GB50018 - 2002 'the cold-formed thin-walled steel structure technical specifications' GB - T699 - 'High quality carbon structural steel' JG13-1999 The gate type steel pipe scaffold JGJ128-1999 2010 'construction door type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications' building [ 2000] No. 230 'construction adhesive lifting scaffolding management interim provisions' of the State Council [ 2003] Decree 393 construction engineering safety production management regulations to build quality [ 2004] 213 the risk bigger project safe special construction plan establishment and expert proof examination method 'JGJ33 - 2001 JGJ80 - in the used construction machinery safety technical regulations 91 'technical specification for safety of working construction of higher JGJ5099 - The aerial work machinery safety rules JGJ59-1998 'Building construction safety inspection standards' DLT_5110-2011 The template a hydropower project construction specifications GB 2000 - T_1228- 2006 'steel structure with high strength large hexagon head bolts, GB_50214 - The composite steel template specification GB50113-2001 'Sliding formwork engineering technical specifications' JTG_TF50-2005 2011 'technical specification for construction of highway bridge of small metal plate which is fast
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