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The advantages of aluminum alloy scaffolding turned out to be the wildest dreams - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform jiangsu

by:Shizhan     2020-08-27
Along with the economic development by leaps and bounds, and buildings such as frequent emergence of people's life, but the construction industry is a dangerous job, that how to avoid the happening of the accident? You can use the shenzhen tengda scaffold for subway or aluminum alloy plate of scaffolding, the significant characteristic of aluminum alloy scaffolding is composed, the price is low, it can be used repeatedly, life as much as 30 years, tear open outfit is convenient wait for a more advantages in the construction industry use. Aluminum alloy plate fastener scaffold is mainly composed of wall thickness of 2 mm of aviation aluminum, platform, brace, cross arm, skirting board, plate buckles, skirting board can let workers around the materials used in won't like old scaffolding in what will go down from the scaffold material, can be directly set on the platform, it is very inconvenient the consumption of manpower and material resources are slowly which would extend the time, save time and effort, as the above said, is it convenient to tear open outfit, if you have touched when looking for a job where it can move its design is reasonable, to construction workers provides a convenient way to work, use it in the site won't get site very dirty like traditional forms of garbage. Shenzhen tengda aluminum alloy plate buckles scaffold is environmental protection also can be repeated use, high quality aluminum alloy scaffolding makes the workers work can put down your worry, in the case of operating strictly according to use standard, aluminum alloy scaffolding will wind the steadfast feeling, a sense of security in your side. Then remove the aluminum alloy scaffolding need to pay attention to what? 1) Demolition work shall be carried out step by step a top-down, forbidden and homework at the same time; 2) Even the wall parts need removed one by one with hands and feet, it is strictly prohibited to remove the diaphragm wall a whole layer or layers of after the dismantled scaffold; Segmented demolition of elevation difference should not be more than two steps, such as the elevation difference is more than two steps, should add the wall a reinforcement; 3) When the scaffolding down to the height of the lower after a long standing pole, About 6. 5米) Set-up temporary cast, should be in place after the reinforcement, the demolition of the wall; 4) When the scaffolding to staging, discrete surface removal, not dismantle scaffold at both ends, even the wall piece should be set up and reinforce the transverse brace.
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