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The aluminum alloy lighting stand tells everyone

by:Shizhan     2020-05-30
Generally, the light racks that we commonly use are made of aluminum alloy welding. Not only can it be purchased or leased, but no matter what kind of light racks, we will encounter transportation problems, and because the quality of the light rack is relatively light, it is very easy Transport is also easy to install, but the volume is relatively large, and aluminum is not resistant to friction, so certain protective measures need to be taken during transportation. Our packaging aluminum alloy lighting racks are usually packed in bubble bags, which not only prevents the surface of the shelf from contacting with other sharp objects, so as to play a shock absorption role, to ensure that the aluminum alloy lighting rack will not be damaged during transportation ; Remember that you do n’t need to use a plastic bag to save trouble, because the plastic bag itself has no protective effect, and the bag is also very easy to damage, so that not only can the outer surface of the lamp holder be damaged, but also The coating on the surface of the shelf is destroyed. In particular, our aluminum alloy lamp holders are all treated with anti-oxidation to prevent blackening and color ugliness after aluminum oxidation, so be careful not to damage the surface when transporting during use. Other related accessories and accessories of the light stand are best packaged separately and marked on the outside to avoid loss and confusion.
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