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by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
Introduce the classification of the scaffolding & other; Scaffolding & throughout; , as a medium of build cities, its classification is also varied. 1, distinguish between the form of the form can be divided into mobile and fixed two; 2, according to the material classification: mainly for the wood, steel and ladder three; 3, according to the tower form and use of USES: (1) the template scaffold - Used to support the template. (2) single scaffold - Referred to as 'single frame, or only a row of vertical rod, one end of the transverse horizontal bar on a scaffold on the wall (3) double row scaffolding - Referred to as 'double bent, by inside and outside two vertical rod and horizontal rod is composed of the scaffold (4) scaffold - decorate Used for decoration engineering construction scaffolding - 5) structure Used for building and structure engineering construction work 6 cantilever scaffold - Applied to equipment installation or maintenance cantilever homework 4, according to the nature of the construction to distinguish: divided into two kinds of construction scaffolding scaffolding and installation. 5, block size (1) open: only a layer of the rail and feet, no other scaffolding shade facilities. (2) closed: along the scaffolding high lateral length and full closed scaffolding. (3) semi-closed: keep out area accounts for 30% ~ 70% of the scaffold. (4) partial closed: keep out area is less than 30%. 6, other 1) ladder: 2) portable hanging ladder, hanging basket, etc.
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