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The building work - jiangsu scaffold

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28

As people with jiangsu scaffold structures, people more and more, some for the construction of the scaffold is not how, so today jiangsu Shizhan scaffolding engineering co. , LTD.  A brief introduction about the scaffold structures for everybody tips I hope to be of help. In the scaffold for the extension of steps we can take the lap top of scaffolding, the rest of the each step will need butt joint fasteners to connect and lap. And for lap need to conform to, Sarah does not allow less than the length of the two scaffolds and fixed. Pay attention to the edges of jiangsu in the production of scaffolding to rod end distance should not be 1 cm. Stud on scaffolding scaffolding should be staggered to set. And scaffolding two adjacent rod joint should be not installed in sync. Ok, that is small make up to bring the relevant knowledge of the scaffold construction work. Hope can help to you!                           

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