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The career ladder, Dr Company annual work summary - training Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shiz

by:Shizhan     2020-08-29
Early in the x, I had the opportunity to join Dr Ladder company, accept a week of pre-service training, training content rich practical, system comprehensively, let I harvest a lot. 。 Combined with the company under the pre-service training, talk about your harvest and feelings. 。 In the aspect of corporate culture: I understand Dr Ladder structure of the enterprise: there are a lot of children below co. , LTD. 。 And learned good manners in company and enterprise development concept, to business planning, enterprise culture, etc have a preliminary understanding, this is the spirit and soul of the public. 。 In the aspects of marketing knowledge: with good marketing, has a good benefit, enterprises have the power. 。 Through this period of time to learn or preparations for the job, I deeply understand the enterprise the management idea, also understand the development situation of the company that is the power of enterprise resources. 。 In terms of business knowledge, I studied the whole process of construction project contract, the aspects of the quotation analysis and quotation unit of knowledge, also studied the scaffolding professional knowledge, the factors affecting the overall rental prices and technical safety standards, a variety of understanding, the experience is the foundation of enterprise development, is also good to promote the development of personal resources. 。 In enterprise management, Dr Ladder, from the perspective of the enterprise management system, I to the whole scaffolding leasing and material warehouse management has a profound understanding of, this is also the focus of future work. 。 In addition, for the other company management system, I will earnestly study and understand the decisive implementation, this is the enterprise of iron discipline. 。 In a word, through the system of pre-job training, I to the company's business development and the management idea have a certain understanding, for my future work have a certain understanding. 。 Also see the future development prospects of the company, I will take the practical action to practice the company's philosophy and business development, hope to be able to as soon as possible into the ladder, this big family, and the company common development! !
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