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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Yangzhou fast loading aluminum alloy scaffolding contact phone number: 18420150310 fastener type, bowl of button and the door type steel pipe scaffold materials can be used for the construction formwork support frame, and each has its characteristics. According to its structure can make the following categories: ( 1) Divided according to tectonic type 1) Pillar type brace ( The fabric of the pillar bearing) ; 2) ( Bent) Brace ( Formed by a row of pillars have horizontal tie connecting structure) ; 3) Double row racks ( Formed by two rows of poling racks) ; 4) Space frame type racks ( More rows or set of space and architecture) 。 ( 2) 1) according to the truss structure system Geometric immutable truss structural support frame ( Conform to the stipulations of the truss rods slenderness, vertical plane diagonal set is not less than all of two direction structure frame of 1/2 of the sash) ; 2) The geometric immutable truss structural support frame ( Comply with the scaffold structure, but has a vertical plane diagonal sash less than 1/2 of the total framework of setting) 。 ( 3) According to the division pillar type 1) ChanLi brace bar; 2) Double stud support frame; 3) Group of lattice column brace ( Supported by lattice column group formation frame) ; 4) A mixed pillar ( Mix ChanLi rod, double stud, lattice column brace) 。 ( 4) According to the level structure of division 1) Level structural layer not buy a small amount of setting diagonal or shear support brace; 2) Plate level strengthen layer ( Each set is only a single layer, diagonal set a third level sash or higher) ; Truss type level strengthen layer ( Each for double, and vertical diagonal) 。 In addition, single and double row racks and attached Rachel ( Or brace) And do not set, the latter supporting height should not be greater than 4 m. Brace for vertical load by load in general, but the box foundation template ( Wall form) Support frame under vertical and horizontal loads at the same time. Yangzhou fast loading aluminum alloy scaffolding
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