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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Guangdong high quality single aluminum frame wide contact phone number: 18420150310 construction hanging basket is mainly used for exterior wall coatings in the late construction, mobile and convenient, cost is low. The relatively safe. Construction hanging basket is high efficiency and multi-function of high construction machinery. Can take the place of the traditional scaffold in high-rise building facade construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance, construction hanging basket can shorten the construction period, cut costs by more than 50%, general multi-layer saves construction cost 50%, high-rise building can save cost 70%. Time saving, high efficiency and reduce labor intensity, the basic can save half hours, three times, improve labor productivity is the most ideal equipment of exterior wall construction. 1, the construction hanging basket in the installation work, is not need to cooperate to use scaffolding class, scaffolding is a very careful and tedious work of security requirement is higher. Can be obviously reflected from this perspective, the equipment installation convenience of this characteristic, this is also a reflect aspects of its application is very easy and convenient. 2, different from the traditional scaffold need according to the different height of construction to the installation of the repeated work, the use of the construction hanging basket because it is able to own lifting of equipment to adjust the height of hanging basket, so once the installation work can be for the use of, different height of construction work, without through repeated installation work to meet their different applications. From this aspect can also see their convenient installation the characteristics. 3, although the construction hanging basket is a kind of mechanical equipment, relatively will have more processes and methods in terms of installation requirements. But because of its structure mainly has four parts, so as a mechanical device, its installation work is not very complex and is relatively simple and convenient. 4, safe and reliable construction hanging basket and wide use range than the use of the scaffold. Guangdong quality unit width aluminum frame
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