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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Shenzhen Huang Bei scaffolding telephone: 18420150310 alpine scaffold mainly to the construction personnel and homework or peripheral safety net enclosure and high altitude installation components, etc. , to put it bluntly, is which some project also use scaffolding when the template is used, in addition in the advertising industry, municipal, transportation luqiao, mining and other departments is also widely used. Below small make up to you to introduce the classification and features of the scaffold, see together. 1, whether mobile scaffold categories: divided into mobile and fixed two; 2, material: wood, steel and ladder; 3, tower form and use purposes: (1) the template scaffold - Used to support the template, using the set-up of the scaffold material (2) single scaffold - shelf Referred to as 'single frame, or only a row of vertical rod, one end of the transverse horizontal bar on a scaffold on the wall (3) double row scaffolding - Referred to as 'double bent, by inside and outside two vertical rod and horizontal rod is composed of the scaffold (4) scaffold - decorate Used for decoration engineering construction scaffolding - 5) structure Used for building and structure engineering construction work 6 cantilever scaffold - Applied to equipment installation or maintenance cantilever 4, construction properties: divided into construction scaffolding and scaffolding installation 5, block size (1) open: only a layer of the rail and feet, no other scaffolding shade facilities. Is a popular tianjin scaffold leasing. (2) closed: along the scaffolding high lateral length and full closed scaffolding. (3) semi-closed: keep out area accounts for 30% ~ 70% of the scaffold. (4) partial closed: keep out area is less than 30%. 6, other (1) ladder: hang dry with a short stick or steel tube, the rope tied to rail and fixed at the top do when using, catalytic main duct and reactor and regenerator, inclined tube is often used when maintenance. (2) portable hanging ladder, hanging baskets, movable fixed ladder or hanging basket, usually set at the top hook or slide, hanging in a strong position. The scaffold with different characteristics of different types of engineering construction use scaffolding and formwork. Bridge support rack bowl of scaffold, has used the door scaffolding. The main structure of scaffold for construction land use fastener scaffold, scaffolding rod longitudinal is apart from the general to 1. 2 to 1. 8米; Is apart from the general to 0. 9 to 1. 5m。 Scaffolding compared with the general structure, the working conditions has the following characteristics: 1, by load variation; 2, fasteners, belong to semi-rigid connection nodes and node rigid size is associated with fastener quality, installation quality, node performance there is a big variation; 3, scaffolding structure and component of initial defects, such as initial bending of bar, rust, erection of dimension error, the eccentric load, etc. ; 4, and the wall connection, bigger binding variation on the scaffold. The above accumulation and statistical data, the study of the problems of the lack of system does not have independent probability analysis condition, so the structural resistance adjusting multiplied by the coefficient of less than 1 its value system with using the safety factor of the calibration. Therefore, the specification adopts the design method of essentially belongs to half probability, half experience. The structure of the scaffold to satisfy the provisions of this specification requirement is the basic conditions of design and calculation. The above is the introduction, small make up to bring us to learn more knowledge, please continue to focus on Dr Ladder consulting, more wonderful stay tuned. Shenzhen Huang Bei scaffolding
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