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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Customized scaffolding rental contact phone number: 18420150310, 2012 years old socket type construction scaffolding the characteristics of the old template bracket can throttle 80 yuan per square meter or so is one of the reasons, complete with steel and wood, wood template bracket cannot be used repeatedly, waste is big, son old building templates support due to the repeated application of cost only a few yuan of every square metre: second reason is: save money, learn to meet the needs of the construction planning of various standards. Please primary carpenter apprentice, wood formwork necessary demand saw wood, such as suspension wire multiple processes. The old template bracket ordinary workers are hard working, LiGong can also be very scary. It's depressed the wonderful skills of the workers the sundial, save a lot of money: money saving the third reason is: want to know the builder. Wood demand after stent is removed from a plaster leveling, contractor. Blow on a layer of white, work and material. Old template bracket completed when reached the watermill gray metope sundial, extremely flat, as well as indirect band, saves the work money material cost: save money reason of four is: old template bracket set up extremely convenient, progress rate above 30%. Conservative template match with big template parsing 1, 2012 years old socket type construction scaffolding, force all make goods for thin-walled square steel bar, in fact. And template interface, average stress, to ensure the concrete members outside the geometry of the sundial and flatness, can reach water concrete results. With wonderful skill (conservative and steel handle bar to match. Throttling the steel consumption and timber resources, and platform model match, listen to the planning. Thin-walled square steel, channel steel steel weight of the throttle, blocking the resource waste. 2, 2012 years old socket type construction scaffolding, all bar the sundial can regulate the application of the adjustable and changeable sundial, satisfied the needs of architectural planning various sundial, any combination, can guarantee the repeated application of many workers. The construction of the contract. 3, 2012 years old socket type construction scaffolding that qualitative and sundial fettered people construction of sundial, in with the progress of the construction quality, ensure the construction site neat, lay the roots foundation for the cultural construction. 4, 2012 years old socket type construction scaffolding all spell components for small bulk, light weight, easy handling, the builder. Workers are free to open mold, not without relying on large mechanical equipment, progress of labor rate, together, applicability. In the construction of the whole life cycle, maximum limit throttling resources ( Saving energy, land, water, and materials) , and thus an abridged to purify environment and humble, give us strong, suitable and high efficiency of application space, and the natural harmonious coexistence of architecture. Green architecture is the will for the effectiveness of the scope of expanded concept into architecture will be the lead in another building. Heard that the construction organization design. In the meantime, the discussion in the world pay attention to the green building, many countries and organizations to formulate the relevant policies in terms of green building and evaluating style, some of which have been both discussion compiled for building the sundial. Due to the degree of world economic expansion, and different places and per capita resources condition, discussion of the green building and distinct differences also kept. The Chinese government has set sail from base outside the state, from the human and the nature harmonious, the throttling power, useful application of resources and thus environmental point of view, to set sail exhibition 'energy-saving and ground-saving residential and public buildings' type, the main form is energy saving, water saving, material saving, section ( That is, 'four') With the environment and thus, in fact, construction of the template. Pay attention to the people-oriented, pay attention to can expand in a row. In this sense, energy conservation and ground-saving residential and public building and green building, but for building formulation, intrinsic interlinked, with some of the opposite sex, with Chinese characteristics is the green building and architecture concept in a row. Customized scaffolding rental
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