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The classification of the scaffolding and taboo Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan Ann

by:Shizhan     2020-08-22
The classification of the scaffold - 1 Points: according to the use of scaffolding, scaffolding, interior decoration; Structure construction, decoration, installation, use scaffolding, discharging platform frame brace: template stents, steel structure, prefabricated concrete support, equipment installation bracket 2 - To be set up in a bar line several points: a row and second row, three line and above single row, double bent frame, and the scaffold, and racks - 3 According to the erection of way points: floor type, cantilever type, tool type ( Overall, shard promotion/climb type hanging, hanging basket type) , the tool type template: big template, sliding, climbing form, fly. 4 - According to the erection of materials: bamboo, wood, steel, steel, gantry, fasteners, bowl, socket type plate button, wedge self-locking fasteners AnDeGu ( C, U card) , kao buckle type tool type template: big template, sliding, climbing form, fly die template materials such as: steel, bamboo, wood, aluminum scaffolding construction: at the top of the support, the top bracing member USES interpolation, stable, convenient, effective, early break system, peripheral templates can be removed first; Brace, brace the expansion screws into the floor stability is strong, stable, convenient, effective, peripheral templates can be removed first, and a single worker can adjust the wallboard verticality and smoothness. Scaffolding operation taboo four: first, knowing that there is serious accident hidden danger, continuing job would cause serious casualty accidents or other serious consequences, still dangerous operations manual. Second, because of work should be found serious irresponsible, found no major accidents, adventure homework. Three, don't listen to correct and kept the people concerned, still dangerous operations manual. Four, without work safety licenses and other valid certificate is engaged in the production and business operation activities, adventure homework.
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