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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
5. Template support special construction plan must by professional personnel, and report to the enterprise's technical director and general supervision engineer review and approval. 6. If plan need expert argumentation, and should organize the expert panel not less than 5 people, and report to the panel written arguments as a safe special construction plan of the attachment, strictly follow the implementation. 7. In view of the key parts and special parts preparation of safety accidents. For different construction behavior, staff number and the type, place formulate corresponding rescue method; To situations that may occur after the measures to prevent the rot. two Support build-up and acceptance support build-up, first check the template scaffold materials: steel, fasteners, tap, wood, etc. Hand and foot fasteners should be consistent with the construction fastener scaffold safety technical specifications 'JGJ130 - 3 in 2001. 1 and 3. Section 2; 8 in check, shall, in accordance with the specification. Section 1 check acceptance, all unqualified products shall not be used for support. With hand, foot fasteners. Turnover materials, in the process of transportation, using both have different degree of damage, shall be checked before every erection. Support build-up before construction, should by the relevant technical personnel to the operating staff safety technical disclosure. Safety technical disclosure content should be unified to, disclosure should be emphasized support build-up parameters, structural measures and security considerations, and form a written record, disclosure and disclosure party shall sign. Support build-up construction should be in strict accordance with the plan execution, and the full-time safety management personnel on site supervise the implementation. If in construction process is indeed needs to adjust, modify the original plan, must to check and approval. Support build-up is completed, the project department shall organize relevant personnel to check acceptance, key check whether support build-up is accord with the requirement of specifications, special solutions, technical disclosure. If do not conform to the requirements need reinforcement measures, must develop a reinforcement scheme, and in strict accordance with the reinforcement scheme. 3. The use of stents in use process, in strict accordance with the construction scheme, concrete pouring process in operation, the actual load shall not exceed the design value of control bracket, such as stent deformation, sedimentation and other abnormal situation, should immediately stop pouring and leave the surface of work personnel. Find out the situation under the security measures, judgment and processing; Before there is no feasible solution, remember not to blindly take reinforcement measures, so as to avoid undue damage. When pouring into the following parts: 1. When pouring large section beam; 2. When casting operation to promote unbalanced; 3. Or more side push on both sides near the intersection; 4. Finally ending, operators should slow down the casting speed, avoid excessive concentration, vibrating rod concentrated vibrating and casting machine more concentrated piles.
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