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The construction of knowledge: - scaffolding steel basketry piece of civilized construction requirements Hebei province where there are aluminum alloy scaffolding sales calls - Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy foot

by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Hebei where there are aluminum alloy scaffolding marketing telephone contact number: 18420150310 students problem 】 Scaffolding civilization construction requirements? 【 Answer 】 Into the construction site personnel must wear a helmet, the work high above the fasten your seat belt, wear non-slip shoes, etc, no smoking on site. Entering the construction site personnel must take good care of field the various green facilities and signs, shall not damage the lawn, flowers, trees, dismantle and moving signs. Prohibited alcohol personnel on homework and construction operation requirements focus, joking and play is prohibited. Scaffolding, personnel must be approved by the examination qualified scaffolder, mount guard personnel regular physical examination, physical examination pass Fang Kefa license, who have high blood pressure, anemia, heart disease and the other is not suitable for high altitude operators, are not allowed on the scaffolding operation. Shelves homework personnel shall walk up and down on the pedestrian staircases, no climbing frame. Pedal mesh steel basketry, insulation column, scaffolding, block baseboard and dense mesh net work shift mode branch, such as the need to tear open change, should be completed by scaffolder, no one shall be arbitrarily change. Upon the acceptance of scaffolding anyone shall not, without tear open change, if you want to do partial tear open change, subject to the consent of the competent engineers after by scaffolder operation. Not allowed to use scaffolding lifting heavy objects; Workers are not allowed to climb up and down shelf operation, cart is not allowed to run on the shelf, tower crane lifting objects can't collision and drag the scaffold. Templates may not be supported, cable wind rope, pumping concrete and mortar conveying pipe fixed on the scaffolding, prohibit any suspension hoisting equipment. On the shelf of the homework personnel shall not be arbitrarily open all the contacts and scaffolding, scaffolding and colligation buckle all shelf parts such as fasteners. Demolition of frame and using welding gas cutting, send professional personnel to do a good job of fire, equipped with hopper, prevent splash down Mars and cutting. Scaffolding used for a long time, so in use process need to check to find foundation sinking, severe deformation of bar, protection is not complete, Rachel is loose and other problems to solve. To ensure the integrity of the scaffold body and not Rachel, along with derrick may not truncate the frame body. It is forbidden to volley throwing bar construction personnel, materials, fasteners and other goods, materials, tools, transport, by pulleys and ropes shall not throw about. Do not use the tool to put inside tool bag, prevent fall from high wear non-slip shoes, cuff and openning to tighten. Scaffolding yards should be neat, reasonable placement, special custody, and establish the strict material return procedure. Construction personnel should be live the expected net at the foot of the qing, ensure that the scaffold construction materials do not waste. To the material of the ground should be according to the designated place with open with luck, the classification of pile, the Open Day, remove the fastener and the wire will focus on recycling. Shall, from time to time, finishing, inspection, according to the varieties, specifications and neatly stacked, safekeeping. More than six levels of wind, snow, fog, heavy rain the weather stop scaffolding steel basketry piece of work. In winter, rainy season often should check that the presence of water on the scaffolding, etc. If there should be always clean, and take anti-sliding measures. Hebei province where there are aluminum alloy scaffolding sales calls
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