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by:Shizhan     2020-09-08
Outdoor aluminum alloy scaffolding contact phone number: 18420150310, 1 round buckle scaffold construction quality control, the formwork must be conducted in accordance with the relevant norms and standards of design, check and acceptance, must according to the requirements of large template project expert argumentation, preparation of emergency plans when necessary. 9. 1 second, the erection of the quality of the component itself upright and rail steel pipe should not be used in the crack, scarring, layered, dislocation, hard to bend, burr, indentation and deep way. Steel pipe outer diameter, wall thickness, transverse deviation; Steel pipe surface corrosion depth; Steel pipe bending deformation should comply with the relevant rules. Stud welding with wheel and rail and plug welding quality meet the requirements, set up 60 kn without breaking strength of welding rod roulette, rail welding strength of plug 25 kn does not destroy. Three, on the surface of the bearing strength whether stud build-up on the ground or has been pouring good floor are calculated to meet the requirements of the strength. If not meet to take steps to fortify the lower. Rod must be added at the bottom of the base or plate. 9. 24, rod and bar connection node must tighten, stud, authors must orientate accurately on the line. All of the vertical rod and bar to form a solid whole joint force. 5, bracing, authors fastener scaffold in strict accordance with the relevant requirements. 6, brace set-up technology requirements see table 4 and test method of allowable deviation and round buckle scaffold construction attention points in addition to comply with the fastener frame specification requirements, consider the following: 1, the structure of the template support requirements ( 1) Stud must according to the interval between the full set of bi-directional rod, to ensure that sufficient design two direction stiffness; ( 2) Beam and floor plate when the load is large, can use different poling spacing, but appropriate variable pitch in one direction only, and another direction remains the same. Step 2, poling from design ( 1) When frame structure loads in different height poling axial force change is not big, can use such as interval setting; ( 2) When have strengthened layer or bracket is very high, of central axial force along the height change is bigger, can be used under small variable step distance of the large on the set, but don't change too much; ( 3) High racks interval to 0. 9 - - 1. It is advisable to 5 m, should not be more than 1. 5m。 3, the design of the frame body integrity ( 1) Tall template engineering by round buckle scaffold shall be strictly forbidden, mounting height should be ≦ 5 m; ( 2) In any case, the top and bottom of the racks ( Sweep the floor bar set layer) Must be set level strengthen layer, strengthening layer set up horizontal or diagonal bracing; ( 3) The die set must have more than 4 span continuous unit cell vertically and laterally; Do not conform to the stud spacing part, USES the fastener type steel pipe formwork erection, and complete the connection with other body. 9. 34, bracing design ( 1) Around the stents facade should be full set bracing, scissors, authors adopted fastener type steel tube; ( 2) Central can according to need and according to the size of the frame sash, every 10 - - 15 m Settings. 5, the top point of design ( 1) Support the jacking method should be adopted to ban level pole directly under vertical load; ( 2) Cantilever formwork support rod out of the top level rod length it is forbidden to more than 650 mm, the adjustable bracket insert stud length should not be less than 250 mm; U screw out of steel pipe at the top of the bracket shall not be greater than 200 mm. Set-up requirements (6, brace 1) Ensure poling vertical deviation and rail horizontal deviation is less than the fastener frame specification requirements; ( 2) The design of foundation support to meet the requirements of bearing capacity. 7, construction use requirements ( 1) Designed the concrete scheme to ensure the template scaffold construction equilibrium in the process of loading, had better use on both sides from the central to the expansion of the casting; ( 2) Strict control of actual construction load is less than the design load, to appear more than the maximum load should have corresponding control measures, steel and other materials cannot pile up over the bracket; ( 3) Casting process, send someone to check stand and supporting situation, found that sink, loose and deformation situation in a timely manner to solve. Outdoor aluminum alloy scaffolding
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