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by:Shizhan     2020-08-27
, scaffolding: 1, the service requirements: erection of scaffolding must be in accordance with the construction specification, to ensure the stability of the scaffold, ready to support. 2, job requirement: scaffolder two meters above, must wear your seat belt, when construction work are not allowed to wear shoes, no high casting tools and materials, into the construction site must wear safety helmet; More than 4 m homework will be laid strong scaffolding or shall adopt other measures for safe and reliable protection. Unstable bricklayer's: 1, scaffolding, shelf laid the lax, safety protection is not sound, not to go up and construction work. 2, enter the site must wear safety helmet. 3, scaffolding production items shall not be piled up on the homework, and often cleaning the board waste residue, dust and other stumble. 4, feet hand bearing shall not exceed the load, single batch have three layers of brick. Three, electrician: 1, manage many kinds of distribution box, lock box lock, waterproof, moistureproof, prevent to hit. 2, a variety of electrical lines connected, especially the joint parts must be strong, good insulation. 3, check the scene of the lines and electrical equipment, unsafe hidden danger in time. 4, a variety of insulation items should be worn at any time. Four, carpenter: 1, the chainsaw, mechanical equipment such as electric drill, often should check, other parts first trial run, all shall use in good side. 2, should check at any time, in the process of mechanical operation situation, found that abnormal stop immediately, to cut off the power supply, to continue operation after repair. 3, saw blades, saw, prone to dangerous parts, parts to correct installation, to ensure safety and firm, with dangerous parts are not allowed to be used absolutely. 4, gunner on wearing gloves operating machinery and equipment. 5, timely cut off power supply when you woodworking machinery downtime. Five, the reinforcement work: 1, the use of a variety of machines and equipment parts must be intact and normal party must work carried out. 2, in use process found abnormal power to stop immediately, to operate after being repaired again. 3, steel tensile irrelevant personnel is not allowed inside. 4, steel processing machines and equipment are not allowed to work outside the gunner use. 5, mechanical and electrical equipment discontinuation must switch power is locked in a timely manner. Six, safety violations punishment rules 1, construction personnel security breach operation found a fine of 50 yuan of above. 2, his personal accident caused by the illegal operation is responsible for all the consequences.
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