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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Yihong garden project department: ( Hereinafter referred to as party a) Contracting head: ( Hereinafter referred to as party b) Cuhk imperial city & ndash; Yihong garden project, through consultation, both party a and party b, party a decided to scaffold project contracting of the project to party b, in order to specify the rights and obligations of both parties, to ensure the project quality, progress and safety, to formulate this liability form, looking at both sides comply with them. The content and form 1, project contracting, engineering contracting all scaffolding engineering belong to party b's scope of work. 2, contract form: party b contractor no package material. Second, the engineering safety goal 1, inductrial injury accident death 02, serious injury for 03, inductrial injury accident rate must guarantee in 3 & permil; Or less. Three security responsibilities 1, party a, party a shall be stipulated in the company 'production safety management rules' shall have the right to party b in the scope of the project construction performance of the safety supervision, inspection and management function, the relevant departments can also supervise, check and management. 2, party a shall, in accordance with the builder 'JGJ59 - 99 construction safety inspection standards ', 'civilized construction site management method' and the site of the production safety rules and regulations for inspection, party b must actively cooperate with party a's work. 3 regular safety education workers of party b, party b must, propaganda, explain to them the country, the enterprise's production safety guidelines, policies, regulations and standard system. All four security considerations, party b 1, scaffolder approach must accept tertiary education, must abide by the rules and regulations formulated by party a, obey the unified management of party a, party b any inductrial injury accident in the construction, is in 2000 yuan of less than, by party b is responsible for, if the inductrial injury accident caused by party b command, illegal operation, in addition to the buckle 2000 yuan, after party b 10% of the economic responsibility. 2, workers to enter the construction site must wear safety helmet. Found that once a man don't wear a penalty 30 yuan, found the scaffold monitor once a people don't wear fined 50 yuan. 3, aerial work must fasten your seat belt, wearing non-slip shoes. There are no reliable security measures can refuse to construction workers. 4, scaffolding engineering machinery must be used according to its operating procedures to use, and maintenance. Mechanical failure to stop using immediately and report to the site management personnel, machinery when not in use, should be absolute power off. 5, scaffolding construction, the power cord is strictly prohibited and the frame body contact. 6, horizontal or vertical transportation of steel pipe to strapping, prevent or hit the object. When artificial floor transportation pipe should also prevent, or hit the transportation road is not clear or insecure, not construction. 7, workers are strictly forbidden to fight, do not speak gossip dirty language, it is strictly prohibited gambling, it is forbidden to theft. 8, workers are strictly forbidden to swim in rivers, ban fire at will. No drunken mount guard, forbidden barefoot and wear slippers to work assignments. Strictly forbid dismantle Ann wires. 9, it is forbidden to poop on the construction site, find a fine of $100. It is strictly prohibited to take lift or crane, on pain of a fine of $100 a time. 10, in the event of safety accident shall immediately rescue, and at the same time report management. Team leader is a member of the construction site safety emergency, shelf should be increases with the increasing shouted to the. 11, the erection of scaffolding poling, should first set up stow-wood, adding sweeping bar, stud must be buried, scaffolding foundation is not permitted to water immersion, to guarantee the stability of the frame body, based on scaffolding poling processing at the same time, the drainage around the scaffolding processing should be paid attention to. 12, party b shall, in accordance with the provisions, erection of scaffolding, because of the erection, found a fine of $100 each. 13, party b shelves, and shall not use unqualified material. Frame on the body overload stacking materials shall be strictly prohibited. 14, scaffolder to obey the life management system, to ensure sanitation. 15, dismantling scaffolds should have plan, should set up a cordon, unified command, echoed up and down, coordination. 16, strictly abide by the demolition of order: first to build after the demolition, after take a break first, railings, scaffolding, bracing, tear open a small bar, bar, after poling, etc. ; Remove the material it is forbidden to throw or not in accordance with the provisions, good place, each found a place within 100 yuan fine. This contract in duplicate, both parties each hold one copy, into effect after signed by both sides, after the completion of the project, the legal effect of this contract on its own termination. Matters not, by the both sides talks things over solve. Party a: party b: year month day
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