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The development of construction scaffolding - Jiangsu Shizhan scaffolding engineering co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28
In the early 1980 s, China has introduced from abroad the door scaffolding, bowls button scaffolding, and other types of scaffolding. Doors scaffold at home also has a large number of applications in many engineering, achieved good effect, as a result of the gantry scaffolding products quality problem, the scaffolding didn't get a lot of popularization and application. In China and built a batch of gantry scaffolding factory, most of its products by the foreign investors to figure processing. Bowl scaffold is a new scaffold in the popularization and application of a new kind of scaffolding, but face is not widely used, only parts and parts in engineering application. Since the 90 s, some domestic enterprises to introduce foreign advanced technology, developed a variety of new scaffold, such as bolt scaffold, scaffolding CRAB module, scaffold for disc type, square tower scaffold, as well as various types of climbing scaffold. Technically, the scaffold enterprises in our country has the processing ability to produce all kinds of new type of scaffolding. But the domestic market has not yet formed, the construction enterprise to the understanding of the new type of scaffold is still insufficient. Key words: construction scaffolding
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