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The development prospects of trapezoidal scaffolding

by:Shizhan     2020-09-19
Ladder scaffolding is highly praised and loved by users because of its safety, reliability and wide range of uses. Trapezoidal scaffolding

These properties are caused by its main components.
Trapezoidal scaffolding mainly consists of main frame, horizontal frame, cross diagonal bracing, scaffold board, adjustable base, etc., cross

The tie rod is also called the diagonal tie rod.
   Trapezoidal scaffolding is a cross-type tie rod that connects two gantry frames longitudinally. Pin holes are punched in the flattened part at both ends of the rod

, When assembling, lock with the lock pin on the mast pole. Surface treatment: electroplating (cold galvanizing), dip galvanizing (hot galvanizing)

Zinc) casters: also known as ground wheels, can be installed under the mobile scaffold to form a mobile scaffold. It can be used as an electromechanical

Installation, painting, equipment maintenance. Active work platform for advertising production, casters for 6 inches with brakes, with

Easy to use. Flexible mobile, safe and reliable.
Trapezoidal scaffolding is economical and practical, low cost, and takes up little space. It is a good helper for construction and decoration!
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