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The development trend of mobile scaffolding technology

by:Shizhan     2020-09-19
Mobile scaffolding is widely used in China and has been widely loved and praised by users. my country began to use fastener-type mobile scaffolding in the early 1960s. This kind of scaffolding has the characteristics of flexible assembly and disassembly, convenient handling, strong versatility, and low price. , So it is widely used in our country, and its usage has accounted for more than 60%. It is currently the most used mobile scaffold. However, the biggest weakness of this kind of mobile scaffolding scaffolding is its poor safety, low construction efficiency, large consumption of materials, and relatively high production costs for consumption.
The production of raw steel pipes for mobile scaffolding is widespread throughout the country. The products of steel pipes are relatively large. There are about 10 million tons of mobile scaffolding steel pipes in the country, but inferior, overdue and unqualified steel pipes account for more than 80%. The total number is about 1 to 1.2 billion, of which about 90% are substandard products. Such a large number of substandard steel pipes and fasteners have become a safety hazard in construction. According to incomplete data, from 2001 to 2007, there have been more than 70 cases of fastener-type scaffolding collapse, with more than 200 deaths and more than 400 injuries. A collapse accident has been reminding manufacturers of mobile scaffolding to pay attention to the quality of mobile scaffolding. Products produced must meet national production standards and meet national product implementation standards. In the last century, my country successively introduced various forms of mobile scaffolding such as portal scaffolding and bowl-buckle scaffolding from abroad. These types of mobile scaffolding are widely used in China, have been popularized by major construction companies, and are widely used in the construction industry, and are constantly being improved and improved, and their functions are constantly being improved.
Portal mobile scaffolding has also been widely used in many domestic projects and achieved good results. Due to the product quality problems of portal scaffolding, this kind of scaffolding has not been widely promoted and applied. Now there are a number of door-type scaffolding manufacturers in China, and most of their products are processed according to the drawings of foreign companies. Bowl buckle scaffolding is one of the most popularized scaffolds among the new scaffolds, but it is not widely used, and is only widely used in some areas and some projects. Recently, some domestic mobile scaffolding companies have introduced advanced foreign technology and developed a variety of new types of scaffolding, such as pin-type scaffolding, CRAB modular scaffolding, disc scaffolding, square tower scaffolding, and various types of climbing scaffolding. Technically speaking, my country's scaffolding enterprises have the ability to process and produce various new types of scaffolding. However, the domestic market has not yet formed, and construction companies have insufficient knowledge of new scaffolding. The ability to adopt new technologies is not enough, and the main task of domestic scaffolding enterprises is external processing. , Has not formed a relatively stable market, which is detrimental to the development history of mobile scaffolding.
With the emergence of a large number of modern large-scale building systems in our country, fastener-type mobile scaffolding can no longer meet the needs of construction development. Vigorously developing and promoting the application of new scaffolding has become an urgent matter, requiring the attention and development of manufacturers. Practice has proved that the use of new scaffolding is not only safe and reliable in construction, fast in assembly and disassembly, but also can reduce the amount of steel used in the scaffold by 33%, increase the efficiency of assembly and disassembly by more than 2 times, significantly reduce construction costs, and make the construction site civilized and tidy. Therefore, in building construction, try to use new mobile scaffolding to ensure the safety and reliability of construction, and will not or reduce collapse accidents during construction.
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