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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Shenzhen SJC vehicular aerial work platform contact telephone: 18420150310 single row scaffolding, only a row of poling, one end of the short rail on the scaffold on the wall. Double row scaffolding, by inside and outside two rows of longitudinal and lateral horizontal rod stud and scaffolding. Single row scaffolding generally used for interior wall plaster, brush paint, don't need bearing such as engineering, single row scaffolding need to embrace stem against the wall. Double row scaffolding building project masonry is commonly used in weight-bearing, cement, brick, etc. Single row scaffolding China now use made of steel tube material scaffold with fastener type steel pipe scaffold, bowl type steel pipe scaffold, socket type steel pipe scaffold, gantry scaffolding, scaffolding, hang in there are all kinds of scaffolding and other steel pipe scaffold material. From its material and structure, and it can be roughly divided into the following: press bar materials division: 1, a single specification steel pipe scaffold. It USES only one kind of specifications of steel pipe, such as the fastener type steel pipe scaffold, using only Ф 48. 3 & 次; 3. 5 the welded steel pipe. The combination of 2, a variety of specifications of steel pipe scaffold. It is composed of two or more different specifications of steel pipe, such as gantry scaffolding. 3, give priority to with steel tube scaffold. I. e. , according to the steel tube is given priority to, supplemented by other steel bar of the scaffold, such as a channel steel top or base of scaffolding, have connection steel scaffolding, etc. Bowl buckles type steel pipe scaffold when steel bar is used, as the steel pipe scaffold 'single'; When using steel on rail, to 'give priority to with steel tube scaffold. According to the transfer of the vertical force between rail and vertical division: 1, the contact friction force. That rely on node interface after compaction friction reaction to support rail load and its to the stud, such as the role of the fasteners, created by the positive pressure of tightening bolts friction; 2, on weld force. Most of the rail and socket connection is in this way, the door frame also belong to this way; 3, direct pressure force. This way, see more at bar shelved in the vertical bar at the top of the scaffold; 4, by the pin rod shear force. In which vertical pin rod through the cross bar connecting plate and the vertical rod, pin holes to realize connection double shear effect. This method in the joint of rail and has been rare. In addition, the vertical rod connected with the vertical bar, there are three kinds of force transmission way: 1, handing down power socket docking. The poling docking, connecting rod or socket pipe is used to ensure the docking in good condition; 2, pin rod connecting pin rod shearing force; 3, the meshing force of screw connection. The external thread of inner tube and outer ( Set) The internal thread of meshing force. Among them after more than two kinds of force transmission way used to regulate the stud connection to the height requirement. The fixation method and the installing position of connecting parts division: 1, the distance connection: the connection weldment in the distance on the bar set, bar length, join point spacing shape; 2, indefinite links: link for single parts, by tightening bolt clamping on any part of the bar. Divided according to the fixed nodes of the workers work mode: 1, insert the matter; 2, tighten the bolt. Shenzhen SJC vehicular aerial work platform
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