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The distinction between building scaffolding and decorative horse? - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizh

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Construction scaffolding in the rising of urban Bridges, its role is self-evident. So what is the development of the construction scaffolding? Scaffolding industry in China faces is the problem? Let's go and see! Scaffolding, on the whole, more professional, more intelligent, and have special scaffolding, suitable for different applications. From the point of view of downstream demand, in recent years the development of the railway industry to the construction of scaffolds play a strong role. The construction of the scaffold has shifted from housing services to railway sector. Scaffold in the field of railway development and layout has become the focus of enterprises. Scaffolding technology content is low in our country, the product homogeneity is too serious, the whole industry competition is fierce. Stand out by specialized contracting projects, expand the industrial chain, become the focus of the enterprises to enhance their competitiveness. Scaffolding applied mainly in housing construction, civil engineering and other fields. Decorate the scaffold is the use of tools, building decoration industry applications there are some nuances. Scaffolding is mainly in the main structure of the building was used in construction scaffolding, and use of scaffolding in separate decoration is completely different. One is the need to set up the main structure, strengthen provide scaffolding, its pole spacing and interval, the carrying capacity and decorate the scaffold is different. The distance between the rod and the steps the distance is less than the decoration scaffolding. It is bigger than decorative scaffolding load, so the load intensity and more than decorative scaffold material. Decorative scaffold is made due to the beautiful scaffolding. The function of the two different, there is no too much load capacity, designed for hanging small objects, such as lamps and lanterns. Another type of scaffolding decoration sometimes use scaffolding structure, cannot be considered to calculate. Related fees shall be computed according to the calculation rules.
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