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by:Shizhan     2020-08-31
Construction scaffolding decoration: let me use the construction scaffolding to protect your security, construction general term refers to the construction site of the use of the height of the exterior walls, interior decoration, or higher can't direct the construction. Mainly for the construction personnel assignments or external maintenance and high altitude installation components, said bluntly, scaffold materials usually have: bamboo, wood, steel or composite materials. For a long time, because the construction scaffolding and its construction technology and safety management, accident rate is higher. Statistics: building system in our country in the number of casualties, with around a third tool is directly or indirectly related to the installation and use. The door one of stent is widely used in construction scaffolding. For box is a door frame, so it is called frame type or the door bracket, also known as the eagle framework or terry framework. The door bracket has simple disassembly and assembly, circulation characteristics of good performance, easy to use, used in some high buildings. At present, the market many manufacturers can provide door bracket of personalized according to the needs of users. It not only can be used as building internal and external support, but also can be used as a floor, the beam support and has the multi-function mobile scaffold, also known as multi-function scaffold. Door bracket was developed by the United States in the late 1950 s the first building tools. Because it has simple assembly and disassembly, convenient movement, the turnover ability is good, use and reliable, has the advantages of good economic benefits, development speed is fast. Personalized door, by contrast, stent can be in use process more convenient, more safely meet the needs of users. Dismantle scaffold need to meet the following security requirements: 1) Workers need to stand on in temporary scaffolding. ( 2) In the demolition work, use a hammer and other hard knock, pry and dig. Remove the connecting rod should be placed in the body bag, should through the ground in a indoor lock arm. 3) Removing fittings, should first will lock seat lock plate and hook lock plate to open position, and then began to remove. ( 4) Remove the door frame, steel pipe and accessories application bundle, mechanical or derrick transport or shipped to the ground, in order to prevent the collision, and it is forbidden to throw. Shenzhen city tengda scaffolding engineering co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of various types of scaffolding, strictly grasp the quality in the process of production, in use process to provide professional advice, make sure you use rest assured!
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