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The erection sequence and standard process of

by:Shizhan     2020-09-19
 In order to ensure the safety of portal scaffolding, every link and step in the process of portal scaffolding is very important. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly install the gantry scaffolding technical specifications for operation and inspection after the erection is completed. Next, the editor of Jingan Construction Equipment will share with you the installation sequence and standard process of the lower door scaffolding.

  Door scaffold erection sequence and steps
1. The erection sequence of gantry scaffolding is: foundation preparation→placement of backing plate→placement of base→vertical two-sided single-piece door frame→installation of cross bar→installation of scaffold plate→repeat the process of installing door frame, cross bar and scaffold plate on this basis .
  2. The foundation must be compacted, and a layer of 100mm thick ballast should be spread, and drainage slopes should be made to prevent water accumulation.
  3. The portal type steel pipe scaffold should be erected from one end to the other end. The upper step scaffold should be completed after the lower step scaffold is erected. The erection direction is opposite to the next step.
4. For the erection of gantry scaffolding, first insert two gantry racks on the end base, and then install the cross bar to fix it, lock the lock piece, and then set up the future gantry, and install the cross bar immediately after each gantry. And lock piece.
   5. Scissors should be installed on the outer side of the portal steel scaffold, and the vertical and vertical directions should be continuous.
  6. ??The scaffolding must be connected to the building reliably. The distance between the connecting members shall not be greater than 3 steps in the horizontal direction, and no more than 3 steps in the vertical direction (when the height of the scaffolding is less than 20m), and 2 steps (when the height of the scaffold is more than 20m).
   (2) Removal of portal scaffolding
1. Preparations before dismantling the scaffold: comprehensively inspect the scaffold, focusing on checking whether the fastener connection and support system meets safety requirements; prepare a dismantling plan based on the inspection results and on-site conditions and obtain the approval of the relevant department; perform technical disclosure; according to the dismantling On the scene, set up fences or warning signs, and have special personnel to guard; remove materials, wires and other debris remaining in the scaffolding.
   2. It is strictly forbidden for non-operators to enter the work area where the shelf is removed.
  3. Before disassembling the rack, the person in charge of on-site construction should approve the formalities. When disassembling the rack, a special person must be instructed to respond from top to bottom and coordinate actions.
  4. The order of dismantling should be that the components erected later should be removed first, and the components erected first should be removed later. It is strictly forbidden to dismantle or pull down.
  5. The fixing parts should be removed layer by layer along with the scaffolding. When the last riser section is removed, temporary supports and reinforcements should be erected before removing the fixing parts and supports.
  6. ??The dismantled scaffold components should be transported to the ground in time, and it is strictly forbidden to throw them from the air.
  7. Scaffolding parts transported to the ground should be cleaned and maintained in time, painted with anti-rust paint as needed, and stacked according to the variety and specifications.
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