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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Zhejiang professional steel pipe scaffold contact phone number: 18420150310 fastener type steel pipe scaffold is composed of steel pipe and fasteners, depending on the fasteners, fastener type steel pipe scaffold is divided into cast iron and steel fastener type steel tube scaffold. Steel fastener type steel pipe scaffold all kinds of superior performance, such as the fault resistance, slip resistance, resistance to deformation and resistance, rust, etc. Has the processing is simple, easy to carry, strong commonality, etc, has become China's current largest usage and application of the most common kind of scaffolding, scaffolding used about 70% of the total. But, this kind of scaffolding set-up highly gauge to decide as the biggest 33 m, can't meet the development needs of high-rise building construction. Fasteners is between steel tube and steel pipe fittings, there are three kinds of the form, namely the right-angle fastener, rotating fastener, docking fastener right-angle fastener: used for steel tube the intersection of two vertical connection, it depends on the fastener and the friction between the steel pipe to transfer load. Rotating fastener: for two arbitrary Angle intersecting pipe connection docking fastener: used for steel pipe butt joint two long connection. Zhejiang professional steel tube scaffold
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