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The fastener type steel pipe scaffold - ensure project safety inspection evaluation rules Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform

by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
1, the construction plan, 1) Frame body, authors should prepare special construction scheme, the structure design should be calculated, and in accordance with the provisions, for review and approval. ( 2) When the set-up over specification allows the frame body height, should organize experts to special construction plan. 2, stud base ( 1) Stud base should level off, consolidate, according to the requirements of plan and drainage measures should be taken, poling Settings at the bottom of the plate, the base should comply with the specification requirements; ( 2) Frame body should be at the bottom of stud height is not more than 200 mm set longitudinal and transverse rod sweeps the floor, and applies the right-angle fastener is fixed on the vertical bar, horizontal rod sweeps the floor should be set on the longitudinal rod sweeps the floor below. 3, the structure of the frame body and architecture (Rachel 1) The frame body and Rachel should comply with the specification requirements of structures, ( 2) Even the wall piece should start with the first step in the bottom longitudinal bar rack body set, when the registry Settings have difficulty other reliable measures should be taken to a fixed; ( 3) To build more than 24 m double row scaffolding, should adopt the rigid wall and building structure and reliable with Rachel. 4, bar spacing and bracing ( 1) Stands upright, longitudinal rod, lateral horizontal pole spacing should comply with the design and specification requirements; ( 2) The setting of the transverse brace and longitudinal bracing should comply with the specification requirements; ( 3) Scissors extension of poles and bracing diagonal and the frame body fixed bar in accordance with the specification requirements. 5, scaffolding and protective railings ( 1) Scaffolding material should comply with the specification requirements, specifications, ceiling should be strict, solid; ( 2) Lateral dense mesh type safety net should be adopted for the closed frame body, connection between networks should closely; ( 3) Set layer should be in accordance with the specification requirements for the protective railings; ( 4) Operation layer of the lateral shall set height not less than 180 mm over the foot. 6, disclosure and acceptance ( 1) Frame body should be done before erection of safety technical disclosure, and shall have the written records; ( 2) When the frame body build-up, use every block, should be segmented acceptance; ( 3) Set-up is completed should go through the formalities of acceptance, acceptance should be quantitative content and confirmed by the responsible person to sign.
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