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【 The fastener type steel pipe scaffold 】 Note - the condition of the construction unit demand Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform

by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Fastener type steel pipe scaffold, focuses on the structure, the price and the advantages and disadvantages in 1, can be used for industrial and civil building, single row and double row scaffolding, hanging and scaffolding support part; 2, take a look at your level of concrete structure in the construction of the formwork supporting frame; 3, also can be used in feeding platform, and scaffolding. 4, then the derrick, chimney, water tower high-rise building, etc can be used in a scaffolding structure. 5, and finally, piers, docks, highways, Bridges and other projects with the scaffold project. Fastener type steel pipe scaffold construction attention: fastener type steel pipe scaffold species of fish on the market today dragon confusion, quality is strewn at random, some manufacturer use grey cast iron, to channel steel manufacturing fastener type steel pipe scaffold, its mechanical performance is difficult to meet the requirements, and not according to the national standard production factory has a lot of. Some units, unit covet is cheap, cheap inferior fastener type steel pipe scaffold into the construction site construction. In addition, some units failing to control maintenance fastener type steel pipe scaffold application still screw rust, slippery silk, the tightening torque can not meet the specified requirements and then lead to the happening of the accident. Fastener type steel pipe scaffold is to use & construction fasteners and Ф 48 times; 3. Five steel pipe ( Commonly known as: shelf tube) A scaffold in common. Fastener type steel pipe scaffold developed already more than half a century, before using the scaffolding, most employed bamboo scaffolding structures. The real alternative is new type fastener scaffold construction safety improving in recent years has a significant effect. Relative bowl scaffold and the rest of the scaffolding, fastener type steel pipe scaffold while disassembling difficult, slow, fastener screw is easily lost, and many other blemishes, but its low cost, occupied more than sixty percent of scaffolding market share, and convenient and quick scaffolding button bowl dish, slowly will become mainstream. Fastener type steel pipe scaffold advantages and disadvantages of the difference: the advantage: the storage stability and good working conditions; Both structures and also to decorate construction; Easy security maintenance. Weakness is: materials, large amount of turnover slow; Erectile highly restricted; Labor costs rise too fast. Fastener type steel pipe scaffold is composed of many steel bars with fasteners coherent, top bar is the base, stud, big bar, small bar, cross brace, and so on, the fastener type steel pipe scaffold is suitable for a variety of shape appearance house building and structures, is very good. Fastener type steel pipe scaffold is now using a scaffold for the common species. Fastener type steel pipe scaffold made up of steel pipe and fasteners, and has the following characteristics: ( 1) Bearing capacity is big. When the scaffolding, how many size and organizational fit fastener type steel pipe scaffold peace craft standard request, the general situation, the bearing capacity of single riser of the scaffold may be up to 15 35 kn。 ( 2) Processing and easy installation. The steel pipe with the national standard fasteners, simple processing, high universality, connected to the fastener is simple, convenient operation, flexible tear open outfit, easy to carry. ( 3) Erection of flexible and wide application scope. Steel pipe length is easy to mediation, fastener coherence is not limited by height, Angle, deviation, is a fastener type steel pipe scaffold is suitable for all types of building structure of construction engineering. ( 4) Fastener type steel pipe scaffold materials. Fastener type steel pipe scaffold material amount is larger, a demolition waste will be more cost, construction efficiency is not high, the safety guarantee generally, so now use tengda dish fasten the scaffold.
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