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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
The technology standard is applicable to erection of steel pipe hooking architecture as the main body, with pole bamboo fence outside of the scaffold. A, construction preparation, material (1) steel tube 1:48 or 51 mm diameter, wall thickness for 3 to 3. 5 mm hot rolled seamless or seam steel pipe, with background column, bar, small bar, brace, etc. 2 connected component: rotary docking buckle, square buckle, buckle, barge core. (3) the base: 40 steel pipe with phi and 4 ~ 5 mm steel plate, used in the main column support. 底座的底板面积不应少于200c。 (4) scaffold board: bamboo, wood or steel scaffolding. 2, (1) according to the engineering characteristics and construction operation condition required by scaffold erection scheme. The location of the 2 big land clearing. (3) to strengthen the soft soil foundation has. Second, the operation process, the main column (1) the main column should choose 1 without serious rust, without bending deformation of steel pipe. 2 main pillar of the longitudinal spacing should be not more than 2 m, in eight buildings commonly used below 30 m, eight more than the other out of the set-up. Double bent inner and outer row column spacing is 0. 8 to 1. 2m。 Row of column within 20 cm away from the wall, when more than 20 cm, PingQiao out must be put under the safety net. In case of decorative thread, also may be extended appropriately in the column of putlog, bamboo stuffed array. (3) set up the main column in a temporary support to fix column, column feet on the base. When the column load over the base bearing area of ground reaction force, should be the foundation of the pad plate or concrete block. (4), made the main column with steel tube or a bamboo pole to column foot links within the same plane of the firm. Column refute mouth should be staggered, and may not be all on the same horizontal plane. 5] in double bent frame outside the main column and vice columns between the main column of single frame, Commonly known as the 'column' needle) , generally USES the bamboo pole, deputy column spacing is not more than 1 m, from the first big cross bar ( Base beam) Began to set up, using the mie tied tightly in the ledger ( Note: the above three must be prepared to the ledger to appointed deputy column) 。 [6] the extension of the main column, first at the top of the columns that has been shipped to insert the barge core, then after loading on the stand, straighten, and then on the interface with the interface, to tighten the bolt. 2, main rail (1) the ledger should choose without bending deformation of steel pipe. The big bar with rectangular buckle connected to the vertical arrangement of the main column, hooking to solid, straight, and the main column to 90 °. 2 main rail vertical spacing is not greater than 2. 1 m, each big bar twice on the outside of scaffolding tie between two lines of bamboo pole as a safety barrier. Top with shed board 1. About 2 m spats and safety net. (3) the main rail extension is the same as the main column. 3, small bar (1) the small bar should be used without serious rust, without bending deformation of short steel tube. Putlog buckle with right Angle on both ends respectively connected to the inside and outside the main column, hooking to solid, with the main column and the ledger to 90 °. 2 small bar horizontal spacing is not more than 1 m, vertical spacing is not greater than 2. 1m( The height of a layer PingQiao) 。
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