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The fight against pneumonia: which one is not a true hero? - - - - - - Jiangsu city Shizhan Truss co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-06-23
On December 31, 2019, wuhan south China seafood market presently unknown pneumonia. So far, has been a month of time. This month, we insist on. Most people put an end to dinner, tourism, visiting relatives and friends, home full isolation on its own. Wake up every day to do one thing, it is open the outbreak map, a new outbreak refresh data. See online in a word, 'finally can never leave home will contribute to the state'. This is a war without gunsmoke. As the average person, never leave home, is how we can do a good fight. In this one month time, also have a group of lovely people, always fighting in wuhan. January 18, zhong academician from guangzhou to wuhan, on January 19, from wuhan to Beijing immediately after the meeting and the centers for disease control and prevention to gold and silver lake in wuhan hospital. No time to rest at noon, at 5 PM and boarded a flight to Beijing. Such work intensity, young people don't necessarily have to resistance, and member of the clock is 84 years old. 84 years old, he always stick to ahead of the outbreak. In front of work difficulty, already can't use difficult to describe. That is the line of 'life', carelessly, is likely to be infected myself. There is a race against time to work overtime, constantly overdraw physical strength, to end the day job, the whole people are was soaked in sweat. Member of the clock is so down every day. Also has the numerous frontline staff, so deadly. See a scene, all the staff collective tired, sleep paralysis on the ground directly. Maybe even the rest of the time, came out like a sponge. Maybe next moment they would be to wake up, not wash my face, and to fight disease. Time is pressing, protective clothing and nervous, would rather go hungry to eat some health care providers, and even hold urine don't go to the bathroom. Protective clothing, we see is purple blue facial, strips imprint. Someone didn't close the eyes for a few days, someone who hasn't been a home more than 20 days, someone down exhausted directly on the spot. Also some, unfortunately infected. They are all heroes. Only hope that smooth return heroes.
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