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by:Shizhan     2020-08-22
According to understand ~ s in early 80, China has introduced from abroad gantry scaffolding, bowls button scaffolding, aluminum scaffolding and other types of scaffolding. Doors scaffold at home a lot also had a lot of use in engineering, and obtain a better outcome, due to the product quality problem doors scaffold, using this kind of scaffold has not obtained a lot of promotion. At home and built a batch of gantry scaffolding production factory, most of its products by the foreign investors to figure processing. Bowl scaffold is one of the most used new scaffolding scaffolding, but the operating side is not wide, as long as part of the region and part of the works. Since 90, some domestic enterprises to introduce foreign advance predecessors skills, developed a variety of new scaffold, such as bolt scaffold, scaffolding CRAB module, scaffold for disc type, square tower scaffold, and various types of climbing scaffold. In 2013, domestic professional scaffolding company more than hundred products, mainly in nanjing, guangzhou, Qingdao and other places. For skills, the scaffolding in China enterprises have processing can produce all kinds of new scaffold. But the domestic market has not yet formed, the construction enterprise to know less than new scaffold. Following the emergence of many large-scale modernization construction in China, the fastener type steel pipe scaffold has already can not adapt to the need of building construction growth, develop and promote the use of new scaffold is a priority. Practice has proved that the use of new scaffold construction AnDuan lai have to live, not only fast installation, and steel weight of the scaffold can be reduced by 33%, efficiency increased by more than two times, installation construction cost can be down, compared with the construction site civilization, neat. Weight, 60% lighter than the same iron scaffolding with high intensity, determined by the use, the high quality level of aviation aluminum alloy material, does not fear the corrosion, the operating life spans can be safer for 30 years, portable aluminum frame with strict EN1004 eu standards, including planning, production, installation and training and so on each link, today also is Europe, North America, Australia, southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macao and other regions the ascent of commonly used equipment. Assemble scouring, less accessories, it is easy to assemble and disassemble, according to the ordinary iron door type frame, can save 70% of the workforce and device removal without anything transportation cost is small, because of its concise, easy to transport, according to the traditional gantry frame, can save 30% of freight with other type welding aluminum frame, across three times its tensile and compressive strength of strong after use, product supply long 10 years warranty strong commonality.
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