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by:Shizhan     2020-09-08
Clarificaiton units: project name number controlled main send units receive unit by day period income disclosure content: high pier construction safety technical disclosure high homework is common in the bridge construction, the danger is not only with construction personnel quality, construction management, construction method, and used with construction environment, construction of related tools, the difficulty of the construction work. The damage mainly for personnel, falling and objects, high homework serious threat to the safety of construction workers, therefore, it is necessary to carry out high accident prevention monitoring, in order to take corresponding measures to reduce the happening of the accident. A, high operation risk analysis, the risk of construction personnel (1 1) Use scaffolding, platforms, ladders, illegal operation, not wearing a seatbelt or hang is incorrect, or hard to wear shoes, or not erection of scaffolding, not a safety net, and are prone to fall. ( 2) Construction workers suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy, fear of heights, or psychological defects, older, or drunk, engaging in the operations in which high prone to fall. ( 3) Construction workers, the guardian lack the necessary construction experience and skills, safety consciousness, lack the necessary training and education, strain capacity difference is also a potential hazard. 2, the dangers of working environment ( 1) Construction work when using the scaffolding, platforms, ladders, hanging basket, meet bad weather such as snow, fog, heavy rain, easy to fall. ( 2) In the process of construction use scaffolding for homework, interchanges scaffold is the construction of lifting objects such as a sudden impact, are prone to fall. ( 3) High engaged in welding operations, the environment around untreated or crossover operation, monitoring and treatment at the time, not very easy to fire and personal injury accidents. ( 4) Construction of the platform such as oil pollution, the ground is slippery ground, prone to fall. ( 5) In the high construction platform, without fence or safety facilities such as edge, the mouth of the cave, prone to falls and objects. 3, the risk of construction equipment materials ( 1) Use scaffolding material corrosion, small size, do not meet the requirements of safety, low bearing capacity of tip over or break. ( 2) Use of scaffolding, hanging basket, platform without protective railings, rope, the ladder of defective or hanging basket, rope load is not enough, easy to fall. ( 3) Use of seat belts, safety nets, safety helmet and other protective equipment is flawed. ( 4) Construction process, the tools used are not placed in the tool bag or irregularity directly upward casting tools or materials, construction materials used in fixed not firm, and around the construction site is not set alerts, etc. , are prone to objects. 4, the risk of construction management ( 1) The scaffold erection of poor stability, protective barrier is not standard, not meet safety requirements, inadequate bearing capacity of tip over or crushed, falling accident. ( 2) The erection of scaffolding, using a ladder, platform, such as poor safety, the ladder is not fixed, scaffolding without channel, etc. ( 3) Use scaffolding, stacking materials in excess of the prescribed load or standing on the scaffold construction personnel too much, easy to fall. ( 4) During the process, the construction of three-dimensional cross arrangement is not scientific, and lack of necessary isolation protective measures, or protective measures did not fulfil the scene monitoring does not reach the designated position, etc. ( 5) The erection of scaffolding, bolt fastener exposed too much, improper handling, easy to hang construction personnel. ( 6) High operation scheme, measures not concrete, the construction pace is not unified, not harmonious, etc. Second, the control measures to 1, the work high above the personnel should strictly abide by the safety technology of aerial work operation procedures, all personnel engaged in aerial work, have to go through professional technical training, after examination, can work at his position. 2, the work high above the personnel must pass a medical examination, who have high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy, anemia or vision is not suitable for the aerial work personnel and other and shall not be engaged in aerial work. 3, the proper use of personal protective equipment, on high ( More than 2 m) Homework, must wear a seat belt, and has put in mind, a good state, rail wear non-slip shoes, homework concentration, unity, cooperation, mutual echo, unified command, not & other Through the file & throughout; And jumping shelves, and it is forbidden to play joke, drunken operations. 4, according to the safety construction organization design safety technical clarificaiton work, a clear division of labor. 5, in case of more than six levels of strong wind, fog, such as bad weather, should stop high open operation, after the wind, rain, snow, want to high operating safety facilities in check, found hidden dangers timely rectification. 6, to have a crack and deformation of the material, is strictly prohibited in slippery silk bolts must be timely replacement. 7, safety net must use whalen, cotton nylon, nylon and other materials, damaged or decayed safety net is strictly prohibited. 8, use ladder wants firm, spacing shall not be greater than 300 mm. 9, the material application of demolition crane or people passed down, it is forbidden to throw down. 10, dismantle assignments section should be set up around the fence or warning signs, and assign personnel to monitor, prohibit the operation personnel to enter the danger zone. 11, the material that has been removed, must be clear in time, and shipped to the designated place to put. 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