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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Safety bureau and live built bureau high security hidden danger are regulation, requires that all construction sites, decorate company etc. It is recommended to use a certification of the ladder and the ladder. Character is: with armrest, fence, insulation, etc. On June 16, is a national 'safety propaganda ZiXunRi' 19, safety bureau, live built bureau according to the committee office, emergency management department under the State Council in a unified deployment, across the country are closely combined with normalized epidemic prevention and control, closely around the safe production rectification action plan for three years, outstanding safety production month 'eliminate accidents, enhancing the safety of defense' theme, has carried out various forms, rich in content, the combination of online publicity consulting activities. Production safety rectification action to mobilize the deployment TV meeting three years, in-depth study and implement xi general secretary about safety in production important discourse, implement the party central committee and the State Council decision deployment, start the entire province safety in production rectification of three years. Safety bureau and live built bureau in accordance with the requirements of the meeting to push conforms to the standard of the ladder, in case the work high above the unexpected, insist on problem orientation, goal oriented, results oriented, vigorously promote work safety in production level, grasp take temporary solution, catch effect a permanent cure, emergency, to strengthen the hidden regulation, improve the level of essential safety, improve the contingency plans, strengthening emergency drill. To a solid dangerous chemical, coal, transportation, construction, fire control, fishery and other key industries field safety management work, strengthening the construction of urban, industrial park, the coal mine, electric power, metallurgy industry and trade industry, schools, such as agricultural machinery, hazardous waste, 'coal to gas' in rural areas, cultural tourism, oil and gas pipelines, industrial explosive items, hospitals in various areas such as risk control, completes the flood season of production safety work, resolutely prevent all kinds of accidents. With aluminum alloy ladder is good, the first not expensive, stainless steel than stainless steel, the second is lighter than the wooden ladder, up effortlessly. Another is the ladder on which all the glass fiber material, the lighter has insulating properties, suitable for use in charged. Material thickness would choose and buy, can try it on as far as possible to the supreme swinging hard, try a ladder structure is firm. In charged places must use the insulation ladder, with armrest, convenient up and down, with a fence to prevent accidental drops, with folding function, do not take a place. Used a ladder which do not conform to the requirements of the standard, will lead to the construction site shutdown overhaul and maintenance projects. All refer to the following file selection a ladder.
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