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The lesson - scaffolding safety accidents Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan Ann

by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
3. Resolutely put an end to violation operation. Whoever does not in accordance with the relevant provisions of the scaffold design and build, use, dismantling, transportation and stacking operation: are illegal operation. Often appear illegal operation situation can be summarized as follows: ( 1) Not according to the prescribed procedures for scaffolding set-up and dismantling of homework. ( 2) In the process of the erection, not according to stipulations set in time even the wall piece, Rachel or a bar. ( 3) In the process of demolition, too early or too much loosen the wall and the scaffold pole with a node. ( 4) During the erection or dismantling operations, the foot of the workers on earth and arms holding support ( Pole pieces, scaffolding and other structures) Is not stable. ( 5) Enter the site operations, not wearing a helmet, wear protective shoes by the regulation. ( 6) For aerial work, don't wear a seat belt in accordance with the regulations. ( 7) On homework, did not inspect the scaffolding, the lack of scaffolding, lack of protection facilities, unstable, or insufficiently shelf on the bearing capacity. ( 8) On the scaffolding operation or transfer platform pile too high and too much personnel excessive concentration or job. ( 9) Convenience, don't walk up and down regulation channel. ( 10) To use unqualified erection of scaffold materials. ( 11) In the process of operation to dismantle architecture components and protective measures, and no reliably remedy measures. ( 12) Near in during operations, regardless of personnel safety. ( 13) When there is no reliable safety protection measures are taken to cases, pry, pull, push and pull on the scaffolding, impact greater danger such as homework. ( 14) After high winds, rain, snow, not to carefully check and clean up of scaffolding, began work on the shelf. 4. Must work to improve the self protection consciousness and quality. Safety accidents mostly appear in the players didn't realize the accident will not safe, cases, due to not aware of the danger, also relax vigilance of self protection. When deeply absorbed in the operation, while working hard to finish a when rushed to do one thing, when the trouble and convenience when not care what others are doing, right now it is also the ego to protect consciousness is not strong, easily happened an accident. When people enter the construction site, they are facing the place where the three possible conditions: ( 1) Accident, injury and myself. ( 2) Accident, injury and others; ( 3) Someone have an accident and hurt himself. Scaffold surface is narrow, often unexpected happens, if not consistently maintain a high level of ego to protect consciousness, is hard to avoid accidental damage. Therefore, must strengthen the education of ego to protect consciousness, improve the quality and ability of self-protection. Self safety education content is very extensive, should be combined with the specific circumstances, often constantly. In addition, the safety management is weak, illegal command, thoughts become complacent and paralysis, training of new workers do not good, also nots allow to ignore.
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