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The load-bearing source of the Rhea stage: the

by:Shizhan     2020-05-18
I used to see promotional activities on the roadside before, admiring the load bearing of that simple stage, jumping around was okay? After contacting the production of the event stage, I found that the modern event stage frame design is reasonable, the material is selected, the whole is welded, and the bearing capacity is strong. The modern event stage can be widely used in various occasions, benefiting from the development of modern light industry, especially the exchange and reference of different industries, such as the Leia stage. Usually, Reia stage uses Reia frame as the stage frame structure, so it is also called Reia frame stage. Reyah frame, commonly known as scaffolding, is used as a light stand and background stand for large concerts. Shizhan metal products: Leia stage, factory stock supply, the principle of special car delivery Leia frame is to use cast steel or stamped roulette to weld on the upright, the crossbar is connected to the roulette on the upright through the crossbar head, through Piece to be fixed. In addition, the installation of large lighting racks or background racks needs to be reinforced with diagonal rods. The Leia stage frame is similar, except for the installation steps. Only by mutual reference and exchange can we produce such stage products. However, in actual use, different activities have different requirements and different requirements on the stage. So not all occasions use Reia stage. However, in the eyes of stage manufacturers, it is better to choose Leia Stage based on the stage's load-bearing capacity.
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