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by:Shizhan     2020-08-31
Zhejiang paddle in aluminum alloy scaffolding specifications and contact phone number: 18420150310 today, taiyuan gantry scaffolding leasing to you talk about mobile scaffold features and use: a variety of USES: 1, used for buildings, halls, such as ties, overpass, tunnel template supporting roof or fly die within the frame; 2, a row of gate scaffolding of the high-rise building; 3, used in mechanical and electrical installation, ship hull building and its renovation the activities of the professional platform; 4, using doors scaffold with simple roof, can constitute a temporary site dormitory, the warehouse or barrack; 5, used for erection of temporary balcony and stand. Convenient installation: 1, the average worker with plug, sets of six build-up, hang can be arbitrary; 2, single maximum weight no more than 20 kilograms, so ascension, and convenient transportation and installation. High total efficiency only their bare for installation and greatly improve the efficacy, gantry scaffolding is faster than a fastener steel pipe rack installation 1/2 time, faster than bamboo scaffolding two-thirds of the time. Safe and reliable: 1, the overall performance is good, is equipped with a foot pedal, parallel planes, retaining wall pipe, level and cross rod device such as a vertical and horizontal positional; 2, bear force science: vertical directly by the riser under pressure, each performance index can meet the needs of construction; 3, fire prevention performance is good, all the main frame and accessories are all steel products. Low price applies: 1, according to the user, and data reflect both at home and abroad, frame of door type, such as maintenance good, reusable above 30 times, bamboo and wood frame is can't compare with; 2, doors scaffold using weight per unit area was 50% lower than the rate for fastener type steel tube frame, every time down the consumption cost is half of the steel frame, is the 1/3 of bamboo and wood frame, efficiency and benefit is remarkable, and buildings as cost-effective as possible. Ok, characteristics and USES of door type mobile scaffold is here, the next is the door and you talk about mobile scaffold structures, methods and matters needing attention, we hope you continue to pay attention to oh. We want more content, please login: zhejiang climb type aluminum alloy scaffolding within specifications
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