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The maintenance of construction scaffolding fasteners, urgent. . . Jiangsu Shizhan scaffolding engineering co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
Construction steel pipe scaffold fastener how to maintain? Only safeguard construction fasteners for our construction, good security, good guarantee for our work. 1, the use of the end of construction fasteners should be timely library, classification, check back spending. When deposited in the open air, field should be level off, good drainage, bedding, and tarpaulin cover, accessories, parts should be an indoor sending. 2, set up sound scaffolding tools information led hair, recycling, reflection, maintenance system, in accordance with the who who use, maintenance and management of the criterion, the limit drawing or lease way, in order to reduce loss and loss. 3, every bend and deformation of the bar should be straight, the damaged components should be repair, can put in storage register, or should be changed. 4, to regular components of constructional fastener derusting, anti-rust treatment, all humidity larger area ( More than 75%) Painted anticorrosive paint once a year, ordinary should besmear brushs a for two years. Fasteners to oil. Bolts should be galvanized anti-rust. All that no conditions galvanized, should wash yourself after each use with kerosene, in coated with antirust oil. The maintenance of constructional fastener knowledge you have learned? Everbright steel template for our professional introduction of the above four hope learning and understanding of good help to you. Key words: construction scaffolding
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