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The matters needing attention - that scaffolding and guardrails

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28

Scaffolding structures with planks and guardrails above note 1, scaffolding is the work platform construction personnel, need according to the width of the scaffolding full shop, board with board between close to. Using docking, consists of two small rail joint; Using lap, after if should shun heavy car direction; Bamboo bamboo basketry scaffold board should be according to the main reinforcement perpendicular to the direction of main rail laying, and USES the docking tile, the four application & phi; 1. 2 mm galvanized steel wire is fixed on the ledger. 2, scaffolding plank can use bamboo, wood, steel scaffolding, its material should comply with the specification requirements. The bamboo scaffolding should be made of bamboo or nanzhu bamboo string piece of board, bamboo basketry board. Ferula need nail is empty solid, no deformity of bamboo; Wooden planks should be 5 cm thick, not brittle wood ( Such as birch, etc. ) Without decay, splitting plate; Steel scaffold board made from 2 mm thick plate stamping, such as corrosion, crack is not used. Key words: construction scaffolding                                

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