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The new round of fastener type steel pipe scaffold picture instructions - use method - fujian wholesale cantilever scaffold manufacturer Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy scaffolding

by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
Fujian wholesale cantilever scaffold contact telephone: 18420150310 new round buckle type steel pipe scaffold picture instructions using method. Wheel button scaffolding is used on construction sites and the construction site, thus to build a secure wheel button scaffolding is very important, below we provide some advice for you, hope you can bring some help. 1 even the wall of a building, according to the structure of the axis of the size, in a horizontal direction every 3 to 6 m set a, should be every 3 - in the vertical direction Setting a 4 meters, and requested each point stagger to each other, forming the plum flower arrangement, even the wall piece method is the same as the console scaffold. 2 the construction of the vertical direction: we will strictly control the perpendicularity of scaffolding section, vertical direction are allowed a little deviation. 3 scaffolding laid: scaffold board can be covered with thick wooden planks of the bottom of society, his upper should be covered with a thin steel plate stamping into perforation light scaffolding. 4 set of safety protection facilities, to be on the safe side, scaffolding middle guardrail should be set up and foot, the lateral and underside are closed, the application of dense mesh net rack and buildings to keep the necessary channel. Five cantilever beam is connected to the wall structure of: should be prepared iron or 6 holes, ensure reliable connection, shall not be chipped holes casually, destruction of the wall. 6 steel bracket: han steel stents paper shall ensure that the height of the weld, the quality must conform to the requirements. Fujian wholesale cantilever scaffold factory
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