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The new scaffold ( Aluminum fast loading scaffolding) - Common problems - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizh

by:Shizhan     2020-08-22
The latest out of a new type of scaffolding, name is aluminum alloy fast loading scaffold, which name is long, so generally called aluminum fast loading of scaffolding, you known, the style of the scaffold is very much, have a button fastener type, plate type, round type, bowl type, door type, etc. , and all members of the opposite sex scaffolding, not mark. But according to different working condition choose different scaffolding to be able to do the work efficient. So what circumstances choose aluminum scaffolding fast hold? Aluminum alloy fast loading scaffold as the name suggests is the aluminum alloy scaffolding can be quickly installed, it will be removable, which are combined, easy to save when the scaffolding is removed after assembly can be used. And this is usually with a scroll wheel, convenient mobile construction. If it is higher that is fixed with a brace, strong safety. Is emerging in recent years, construction equipment, in the architectural decoration industry, the application is more extensive, both indoor and outdoor decoration, store signs, Bridges, building, or some outdoor building exterior wall construction, the use of aluminum fast loading scaffolding can get twice the result with half the effort of efficiency. Now the construction industry, the worker labor cost far more expensive than the cost of materials, aluminum fast loading number a scaffold, efficiency is doubled. In addition to high efficiency, safety first, want to have the related certificate, test report, specification instructions, service life, etc. Released under the aluminum fast loading scaffolding pictures for everyone to look at the specific appearance aluminum scaffolding 2 - fast 40 m high, also have single, double wide wide, suitable for different working conditions. Choose to suit the actual situation of the scaffold is the most important thing.
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