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The new scaffold in the construction of professional development and use - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shi

by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
Today in our country is on the basis of high altitude operation during construction steel pipe scaffold, it's made in China before liberation to replace the traditional bamboo scaffolding alternatives to grow to today has experienced eighty years of history before the operation at the moment production of scaffolding steel pipe materials are fastener type steel pipe scaffold, bowl type steel pipe scaffold, socket type steel pipe scaffold, gantry scaffolding, scaffolding, hang in there are a variety of pick scaffolding and other steel pipe scaffold. And environmental authorities to begin from the data, and it can be distinguish roughly as follows: according to the information bar to distinguish between 1) A single standard steel tube scaffold. It only operate a standard steel pipe, such as the fastener type steel pipe scaffold, only 48 x 3 Ф operation. 5 the welded steel pipe. 2) A variety of standard combination of steel tube scaffold. It is composed of two or more substandard steel pipe, such as gantry scaffolding. 3) Give priority to with steel tube scaffold. I. e. , according to the steel tube is given priority to, supplemented by other steel bar of the scaffold, such as a channel steel top or base of scaffolding, have cohesion steel scaffolding, etc. Pipe frame, the construction of pipe material, who used to make the framework of the building site, is made up of hot rolled strip steel through the process after freedom, rolled products. In the modern building site, rack pipe has been widely operation, everywhere can see it. In recent years, with the rushing of urbanization promoted growth, the demand of pipe rack is bigger and bigger. Countries also introduced some ways to encourage encourage tube shelf professional growth. The emphasis on the construction engineering of the growth of frame tube. And used in building construction frame tube, the needed variety, selection of planning also dou jin guang. Therefore, pipe manufacturer shelf is accelerated restructuring statutes, to tube rack set up enterprises in the market dominant position. Rack pipe professional growth trend will follow the market changes and growth. Dot business and is now in the past a single policy type growth began to scientific, dot series of changes. And commercial concrete pumping structure of cast-in-place reinforced concrete structure, but also promoted the high space, big span of the template support the use of the compiled template support in project construction and high-level organization of scaffold design has become more and more. And because of its reasonable structure brief, cleverly designed, convenient operation, safe, fast, easy to transport, storage, and protection of the brief feature. So at that time frame tube growth history has completed the top three: at the top of a 'finished parts on the shelf tube without any deeds; At the top of a 'completed our country independent intellectual property rights of a whole new tube shelf at the top of a' finished tube shelf in structure without any special lock parts, etc. So far the product has been deeply received by customers at home and abroad, the domestic bridge, municipal, housing and other units. Scaffold bowl of square tube association such reports type steel pipe scaffold when steel bar is used, as the steel pipe scaffold 'single'; When using steel on rail, to 'give priority to with steel tube scaffold. Some rich countries in the world today, as well as Hong Kong and Macao region of our country pay more and more attention to the safety of building construction, and because of the traditional steel pipe scaffold is too heavy, workers install efficiency, cost of building up considerably. The region has now begun operating aluminum alloy scaffolding slowly replace traditional steel pipe scaffold, aluminum alloy scaffolding itself design science, set up and remove the fast, lightweight, came, and security than traditional steel tube scaffold had the very big promotion. So there will be in China before liberation by the bamboo scaffolding profession is replaced by steel tube scaffold, the steel pipe scaffold is replaced by aluminum alloy scaffolding to do today is the former history trend of growth in the future.
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