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The process of building background wall by aluminum

by:Shizhan     2020-05-23
Aluminum alloy lighting racks have been widely used in recent years, especially on the stage and the background wall. So what are the processes of the aluminum alloy lighting racks to build the background wall? Let us take a look at it today. Aluminum alloy light stand 1. First place the base of the aluminum alloy light stand at a predetermined position on the ground; 2. Screw the counter head on the base of the aluminum alloy light frame, pay attention to the direction of rotation of the counter head, it is generally best to turn to the side of the middle beam; 3. Set on the top of the counter head; 4. Assemble the beam of the lamp holder, and then connect the two ends to the square sleeves on both sides. If the position of the base is uneven, you need to move the base repeatedly so that the beam can be connected to the square sleeve; 5. Install the column on the ground, screw the cross to the top, and then hang the chain crane on the cross arm; 6. Move the column to the beam and tighten the bottom end of the column and the upper end of the counter head; 7. Many people erected columns together slowly. To enhance stability, the laterally extending support can be inserted into the base. When the column is erected, the head is tightened and fixed; 8. In the same way, another column is also erected; 9. Wind the sling around the beam and hook the sling under the hook below the chain crane; 10. Pull the chain crane together with one person on one side of the column until the beam reaches the high position; 11. Then insert the inclined brackets on the bases on both sides, and the two ends of the inclined brackets are respectively screwed on the pillar and the base; 12. Suspend various lighting and audio equipment on the beam and debug; 13. The two persons will simultaneously pull the beam to the preset position and complete the gantry.
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