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The project construction site safety hidden trouble and measures Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shiz

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Engineering projects to improve the system, strengthen management, to solve the following work and problems in the construction: 1, the side entrance and exit in the specification of protection. Attaches great importance to work wearing a seatbelt wearing a helmet and high; In accordance with the provisions, using qualified security dense mesh set net, helmets and seat belts. 2, standardization of scaffolding. Correct frame body and the structure of fixed practice, set up the first step of fixed; Was carried out on the rack body facade totally enclosed, to prevent fall injury, ensure the safety of pedestrians. 3, construction site not heap, keep smooth; Smoking is not allowed on the site flow. Materials as stipulated in the field layout place pile, and hang up logo, indicating the name of specifications, varieties,; Construction waste classification piled up, ready to identify; Dangerous goods into the library, and properly kept. 4, make safety sign, with image as the main characteristics of the graphic symbol or mark in the composition of the text, to express specific safety information. In place, equipment and facilities have bigger risk factors, setting up security warning signs. Safety warning sign set in the obvious position, easy to identify, to remind people pay attention to safety. 5, should formulate measures are not put on the construction site, such as construction sites do a good job in enclosed file closed, no dust pollution; Night ban residents around unnecessary construction noise interference, in addition to the continuity of construction, general construction of no more than 18 hours; Surrounding roads to establish protective measures, keep the road clear. 6, double row of scaffold pole longitudinal distance and horizontal pole interval should not be greater than 2. 1 m, poling horizontal distance should not be greater than 1. 6m。 7, according to the rules of interval with the wall, Or even the wall) Connected to the building structure, even the wall can bear must adopt the structure of the tension and pressure, guarantee the stability of the scaffold. 8, scaffold board covered by scaffolding width, spread steadily. 9, fasteners to match the pipe diameter, and in accordance with the provisions of the national standard. 10, the wind load shall meet the following requirements: role in the horizontal wind load of scaffold standard wk should press type calculation: a wk = s * a s&mdash zWo type; — Scaffolding wind load shape coefficient: scaffolding * s ф for wind load shape coefficient of wind coefficient, determined by the scaffolding closed status; Wind area/ф = scaffolding scaffolding z&mdash windward area; — Wind pressure height coefficient change, according to the current 'load code for the design of building structures' the regulation of GB50009 access; Wo— — Basic wind pressure, according to the current national standard 'load code for the design of building structures' GB50009 regulation, n = 5. 11, steel pipe material Q235 grade standard, do not use with obvious deformation, crack, serious corrosion materials. 12, fasteners to match the pipe diameter, and in accordance with the provisions of the current national standard. 13, around the construction site to set up the WeiDang facilities, closed management, hang posted eye-catching signs or notices, prevent irrelevant personnel to enter the construction site. 14, the construction site implementation conforms to the provisions of the civilized construction, not command, illegal operation, production facilities conform to the requirements of the safety and health standards. 15, my unit in the decoration, maintenance, renovation and other business during the construction, the construction area shall be from the service areas, and take security measures to ensure construction safety. 16, and constantly improve enterprise security management rules and regulations, seriously implement the responsibility system for production safety. Combined with the actual situation of the enterprise formulate feasible safety management rules and regulations and the safe production responsibility system, strengthen the self-discipline of the enterprise safety management mechanism and incentive mechanism. 17, strengthen the safety awareness of workers; Through training, improve the safety of staff psychological quality, enhance the consciousness of ZunZhangShouJi; Through training, to master and improve the knowledge and ability of emergency self-help; Through training to build enterprise safety culture, which is far away from the accident the strongest line of defense.
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