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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Beijing single lever button type aluminum frame supplier contact phone number: 18420150310 this project outside the frame adopts the conventional floor type double row of steel tube scaffold. 1 scaffolding set-up and dismantling of the erection sequence for doing well the preparation work of the erection placed vertical rod sweeps the floor on the rod sweeps the floor by the root set upright, then with the vertical rod sweeps the floor installation fastened up horizontal rod sweeps the floor, and the vertical rod or vertical sweeping bar installed fastened up the first step of ledger first step putlog step 2 main rail third step putlog adding temporary cast upper brace and the second step of ledger, fastened up in the wall behind the bar installed two league demolition of the third and fourth step of ledger and small rail set united wall poling put added a bracing scaffolding plank to protective railings and pedal set hanging safety net to dismantle order for safety protective railing against foot scaffolding putlog big rail poling united wall vertical support 2 wall rod set coupon wall point set with stud and main rail intersection node, the node spacing should not be more than 30 cm. At the edge of the structure of the beam in the midline position embedded Ф 483. 5 steel pipe. Short steel tube ends with right-angle fastener connected to embed pipe and the ledger. Beam on horizontal structure every 4 m set a, 4 m wall bars horizontal spacing, vertical interlayer Settings. 3 scaffolding protective feet hand wash rack frame body and the structure of the space using flat screen protection, green safety net scaffold outside the frame facade adopts dense mesh type, horizontal layer according to the structure progress be put with scaffolding plank, because the frame body is higher, need to add fortify lightning measures, concrete methods are selected in the main body of the underlying four corner, connect the corner and reinforced the structure of the scaffold. The acceptance of scaffolding scaffolding set-up, should by scaffolder strictly according to the specification before the erection of safety technical disclosure, scaffolding main stress bar material should be consistent, gangmu combination shall be strictly prohibited. Scaffolds should division, segmented according to the construction progress of acceptance, acceptance of rear can put into use. Beijing single lever button type aluminum frame supplier
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