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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
The units under inspection ( The full name) : check parts: number: the serial number check the project inspection standards inspection rectification results 1 fold after whether disclosure of security measures are performed; Whether the double signature; 2 whether to be held by a qualified scaffolder 3 shelves when the demolition is differentiated assignments section 4 demolition area around the enclosure and erect warning signs if ground command by designated personnel; Whether to ban non-work personnel inside; 5 demolition order compliance with top-down, after the first build after the demolition, and take the first principles ( Demolition order: railings, scaffolding, bracing, brace, large and small bar, bar, post, etc. ) ; Whether whether of up and down at the same time shall be strictly forbidden to dismantle the wall six straight rod with demolition progress step by step removed 7 large shelf is dismantled to reserved ramps, feeding platform and channel, small flyer whether before large demolition shelf for frame fixed 8 removal, bump are forbidden to touch the scaffold near the power cord and remove the material, whether to use a rope tied bar and use the pulley slowly next shipment, it is forbidden to throw 10 demolished chimney, water tower outside the frame, whether to stay open to the cable wind rope before lifting it cable ( Can't advance the time to lift) Inspectors ( Signature) : year month day verification opinion:, director of security ( Signature) Conclusion: year month day verification: engineers ( Signature) : year month day this form in duplicate, engineering is a new owner, after the end of a construction unit file.
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