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by:Shizhan     2020-06-27
With the development of our country's economy, now ShangYan is also more and more, and now a lot of activities, truss is the more common is also an essential part of the stage, truss stage but also with its flexibility, convenience and other advantages to win the majority of users praise. Truss stage construction method is simple, can be a big, in a variety of terrain and strong stability. Actually function and purpose of different stage and truss is different. No matter what stage of a truss, correctly and the construction of the security, is the key point of use. Our show in the open air, is one of the more common that aluminium alloy, shelf is in fact a truss, stage is the widely used aluminum alloy frame, actors and other performers is host or on the shelves of stage performance for us, this is the stage of truss. In order to let actor and the audience have a better interaction, stage, truss extending stage somewhere closer to the audience. A big stage in addition to performance, can also be used to press conference, cocktail party, business celebrations, fraternity, conferences, company annual meeting, etc. , truss stage USES is very wide. Truss from the aspects of mechanics analysis of truss shape bending moment diagram is similar to that of a simply supported beam, the bottom chord on uniform distribution of axial force, axial force is small, CHS materials most provinces; Analysis from the aspects of material and manufacturing, wood made triangle truss, steel truss of trapezoid or parallel chord shape, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete truss for polygon or trapezoid is advisable. The ratio of height and span of the truss, usually, three-dimensional truss for 1/12 ~ 1/16, three-dimensional arch is 1/20 '1/30, tensioning three-dimensional arch is 1/30 ~ 1/50, have specific provisions in the design manual and specification. Truss using range is very wide, should be considered when choosing truss form the purpose of the truss, materials and supporting method, construction conditions, the principle of choosing the better form is under the premise that meets the requirement, to materials used in the manufacture and installation and for the small amount of labor.
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