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The safety of the cantilever scaffold technical clarificaiton - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-08-24
Construction enterprises: hebei housing company construction team N0 6:06 name LiangMao also moved to engineering work scaffolder construction part 5. 6. 7 # building modelling, the turret clarificaiton 2007 - time 6 - 4 - - - - - 2007 - 6 - 7 disclosure content: integrated parts: 1. Understand company environment/safety policy and project department targets, indicators and management plan, to master relevant ( Major) Environment/risk factors, abide by the safety technology operating rules, abide by the rules and regulations and labor discipline. 2. Without this type of work training, may not work. Daily shift, do a good job preview, ensure construction safety. 3, into the construction site must wear safety helmet, aerial work must fasten your seat belt, the correct use of protective equipment. 4, no drunken up homework, it is forbidden to high altitude parabolic, it is forbidden to wear high-heeled shoes, slippers, or bare feet into the construction site. 5, take good care of site utilities, guarantee the safety of facilities. Shall not be arbitrarily dismantled and move or destroy all kinds of protective devices, protective facilities, safety signs, fire equipment and mechanical and electrical equipment, etc. To do a good job of environmental protection. 6, it is forbidden to illegal command, illegal operation, violation of labor discipline, pollution of the environment or safety accident report to the project department to solve immediately. Partial disclosure: 1, wear a good helmet, a good place. 2, because is impending, must hang the safety belt each time you operation, use safety rope when necessary. 3, because cannot be isolated from top to bottom, there are painters in the job, avoid falling objects must be mutual ventilation cuts. 4, removed the pipe material such as fasteners, to secure stability. And packed in a specified location. 5, site safety guardian Li Shougang. Be disclosure: disclosure: security officer: year month day on June 21 years tianjin construction safety supervision and management
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