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The safety of the common problems in construction, how to avoid the - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu sh

by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Common security problems in the construction usually have objects falling, hitting, collapse, electric shock, fire, etc. , but falling objects, accounts for over 70% of the total accidents. A project from foundation construction, main body construction, decoration, sporadic ending until the end of the completion acceptance is the end. So each stage has a potential safety hazard prevention and control measures. Basic safety concerns mainly earthwork excavation collapse, ground water piping. Subject construction safety mainly include scaffolding collapse, a fall, the hole edge in the lack of protection, mechanical accident. Decoration engineering construction safety mainly include electric shock, a fall, temporary electricity utilization. Like other steel structure construction should also pay attention to the falls. Construction site safety management is a process, need full-time security officer at the scene of the supervision and inspection, found that the problem timely rectification, to avoid safety accident. Create a secure enterprise is a long-term process of preventing safety accident, in addition to this, do a good job in the construction site control points of safe protection and strengthen the important content of safety production. A, establish the safe production responsibility system of safe production responsibility system is the most basic safety production management system, is the core of all the safety production management system. It is will be responsible for personnel at all levels, each functional departments and other staff and post production workers should do in terms of safety and responsibility must be specified. Second, to establish production safety education and training it mainly includes the following three aspects: education and training: 1. Education to foster the safety of the management staff; 2. For special operations personnel safety education and training; 3. Safety education and training of enterprise staff; Three, safety technical measures plan system safety technical measures plan system should include the scope of improving labor conditions and prevent accidents, prevention of occupational diseases and occupational poisoning and other content, including the following: 1. Establish safety technical measures, it is to prevent the enterprise staff inductrial injury accident in the workplace measures; 2. To formulate measures and auxiliary facilities, it is in order to ensure the safety of the production process clinics have to room and all facilities; 3. To develop safety publicity and education measures, it is a popular propaganda and security measures are needed to measure, main popular production safety laws and regulations and basic knowledge; 4. To formulate measures of occupational health, it is to prevent occupational diseases and improve the occupational health of the necessary measures. Four, formulate special operations personnel system of card mount guard for vertical transportation machinery operation, lifting machinery operation personnel, bell man agents such as homework personnel must hold special operation operation qualification certificates to mount guard. Five, make safety inspection system safety inspection system should include the following aspects: 1. The purpose of safety inspection, to find security risk factors, planned to take steps to ensure security! 2. The security check, can for regular inspection, regular inspection, self-inspection, mutual inspection and so on! 3. The content of the security check, the focus is on 'three violations' and the implementation of safety production responsibility system; 4. The processing program of safe hidden trouble, must according to 'registration - The rectification - Review - Close case 'process safety hidden trouble.
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