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The safety of the scaffolding facilities and maintenance requirements Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
1 set-up in order to ensure construction safety, safety nets, high-rise building outside of the scaffold should be full of net safety net for peace. 1. 1 the requirements of the safety net, safety net with diameter 9 mm woven nylon rope, general specification for the width of 1. 5 m, 6 m long, about 5 mm mesh, each a good safety net should be able to bear the impact load of not less than 160 kg, have a product certificate and test report. Using the outside with dense mesh net, adding another flat screen, the first floor flat screen 4 m, from ground floor between network set up along every step 4. 1. 2 safety net, authors must be closed firmly, bound and strong. 2, scaffolding of the electricity facilities steel pipe scaffold during the erection and make hand, should keep in contact with the charged body. On the scaffold construction of electric welding machine, concrete vibrator, etc. , should be put in dry wood. Operator should wear insulated gloves, wear insulated shoes, after scaffolding steel wire to strict inspection and take security measures. Electric welding machine, vibrator shell to protective earthing or pick up zero measures. 3, scaffolding steel tube scaffold construction when using lightning protection facilities, you must set the lightning protection to the floor, can be associated with building grounding unicom. Ground wire with 40 flat steel welded together, the location of the ground plate should fall in people is not easy to go to the place, avoid harm. Ground plate to resistance meter is used to test whether meet the requirements. During the period of construction of thunderstorm day, scaffolding operator should immediately leave. 4, scaffolding scaffolding of the maintenance and management by frequent, loss is bigger, must strengthen the maintenance and management, timely and recycling, cleaning up custody, renovation, anti-corrosion, etc, reduced attrition rate, improve turnover, extend the use fixed number of year, decreasing project cost. 4. 1 out of the scaffold material, parts and components should be timely recovery, sorting, classification, storage, stacking place to flat, drainage to good, stacked below to set a pad. And rainproof measures, fasteners, bolts, such as small indoors, and classified storage bag. 4. 2 bending steel tube straightening, to repair damaged components, fasteners, damaged parts to replace. 4. 3 be rust steel fasteners and wood preservative treatment, the outer wall of steel pipe brush anti-rust paint, poling yellow paint, bar red paint brush, fasteners to oil, rust. 4. 4 when transporting long steel tube, measures should be taken to prevent bending, shall not be lost, when loading and unloading to prevent damage. Rely on the masses, strengthening management, adopting the shelf team is responsible for the maintenance and management, who do use, maintenance, who management, to minimize the loss, reasonable allocate, improve the turnover use efficiency of scaffolding.
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